Fun in the Sun (Summer 2010)

Ingredients (Canada):

How to Create:

  1. Create a blank 12×12 template.   Add Cheerful Summer P3 to fill the page.  Under the Cut & Fill, select more and Cut Up Into a Grid.  Select 16 squares.  Select all 16 squares and center on page.  Under the Format tab, add a heavy shadow to all squares.   Under the Cut and Fill tab, change squares to desired papers and colors.
  2. To change the background layer, unlock the layer by clicking the small lock to the left of the layer.  Under the Cut & Fill tab, change the color to yellow by sampling the yellow in one of your papers.
    Add the Beachball, FlipFlop1(add RedFlower), FlipFlop2(add RedFlower),  Sun, IheartSummer, Summer (change color to white) embellishments.  Under the Format tab, add a heavy shadow to all your embellishments.
  3. Add four 2.5” square photos.  Arrange as desired.  Select all four photos and change the mat width to 1 in the Format Photos tab.
  4. Add journaling as desired.

Traditional or Digital Scrapbooking

When I got into scrapbooking, I started with the traditional, not having kids it was easy, I wanted to work on my album, just took everything out and just started. I started plenty of albums, one of me when I was little, one of my and my husband, my pets… I was a SCRAPBOOKER FANATIC. It when I became a Creative Memories Consultant.

A couple of months later, March 2005, I found out I was pregnant; I went crazy with baby albums and sticker and doing my pre-pregnancy pages of my ultrasound and baby shower album.

When my son was born, I got a little harder doing my album but I manage, I had to make sure that he didn’t grab a blade when I wasn’t looking, but I still manage to do his 1st year album. 4 years later in 2009 I gave birth to my second baby, a beautiful baby girl… but want a had full.. Scrapbooking came impossible to do, except at workshop.

This year I decided to try Creative Memories digital scrapbooking software, Storybook creator. It’s more convenient for my life style. I still do the tradition at workshop but at home, it all digital. You might ask what about creativity… surely it’s not the same layout; it won’t be the same…

No it’s true they are not the same, but they are just as beautiful, the possibilities are just as endless!

Traditional Scrapbooking

When doing tradition scrapbooking this are the 3 words you need to remember; Organize, Planning and Space.

Organize: before starting you should organize your photos, we have folders available to help you organize your memories; ee Creative Memorie Power Sort box.

Planning: choosing an Album (8×8 / 8×11 / 12×12) planning your layouts, how many pictures would you like on your page, paper, embellishment, etc.

Space: claiming a work space is the key, maybe a large table you can lay all your tools out on, or a room you can leave everything laying around in for a couple days.

The traditional Scrapbooking outcome is beautiful, creative, and original. When you add the stickers, the ribbons, buttons, the cropping tools, pen and everything else, you have all the elements for a spectacular scrapbooking party with friends. The only drawback is the cleaning up afterwards but that’s the price to pay for good times with friends / family

Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is fairly new. It’s also known as digi-scrapping or computer scrapbooking. It involves the use of digital photos, clip art, graphic textures, and various photo-objects as embellishment, but weather you use traditional or digital; the same goal remains; preserving your memories!

You can combine digital elements into traditional page layouts- or traditional into digital -printing and cutting out digital photos, paper, clip art and journal notes–and pasting them together in a tangible layout. I prefer to work simply with digital content. I like creating my layout entirely on the computer. You can then print the layout and frame it, share the layout by email or on Facebook with Friends, or simply have the album printed.

There are a lot of things I love about digital scrapbooking, you don’t need a lot of space, and you can close it up and pick up where you left off, as quickly as closing you laptop. So if baby wake up, not rushing to put everything away… no paper scraps, scissors, knives. PLUS NO CLEAN UP!

Before Creative Memories came out with its digital collection I had tried a couple of programme out there but didn’t find one that I like. Then I downloaded the free version of Creative Memories Storybook creator and I downloaded the free predesign pages, after a while as much fun as the free version was, it was not enough, so I bought the Storybook creator Plus 3.0. I have to tell you it’s a must, all the thing you can do… cutting, layout, embellishment… stay tune for layout I will be posting to see what the Storybook Creator can do.

Baby Girl Album page 1


Designed By:  Lisa

Ingredients (Canada):

How to Create:

  1. Insert pages from Click and fill II 11×8,5 page27.
  2. From Content tab on your right side screen, in papers, Baby Girl Soft select paper 3, and select Make background
  3. From Cut and fill tab on the top of you scree, Select strips (top and bottom Pink strip) click on Color in fill, add pink shade as you desire. Then go to Format tab, click on Surface, and select Wrinkle.
  4. Repeat step for lace, but in Surface select Lace.
  5. Replace darken bottom strip by Delight digital PP embellishment RibbonGreenFlower and resize.
  6. Add Teddy bear for Baby Girl Soft Digital kit embellishment.
  7. Add journaling as desired. (For this page I decided to add my little girl birth story, so she knows how she came in to this world.)


Our Promise

We’re committed to helping people enjoy the special moments, stories and photos of their lives. And we take that commitment seriously.

We promise to offer unique, easy, inspirational, high quality and long-lasting products you can trust.

To do that, we rely on science. Our in-house Technology Center and scientists excel at testing our products. Using state-of-the-art scientific equipment such as accelerated aging chambers and infrared spectrophotometers, they guarantee our quality and assure that your photos and stories will stand the test of time.

Product and Process Testing

Because the photo and scrapbooking industries aren’t regulated, a lot of companies make claims about their albums, papers, pens, adhesives and other supplies that simply don’t hold up to our standards.

At Creative Memories, integrity is important. That’s why we back up our product claims. Here are a few examples of the rigor we apply as we develop products:

  • Adhesives: Designed to be permanent so your photos and memorabilia won’t drop off the page.
  • Pens: Designed and tested to be bleed-resistant so they won’t ever run and ruin your photos or surrounding pages.
  • Papers & Stickers: Acid-free so they don’t drain the life out of your photos over time. Most of the false claims on the market are related to “acid-free” products that don’t truly meet the “acid-free” definition.
  • Papers & Pages: Buffered with calcium carbonate to combat the acids found in memorabilia and normal household pollution. And they’re lignin-free to stop them from turning yellow and brittle over time.

We’re also vigilant about safety standards. Our scientists and quality gurus are always on the watch for sharp edges, choke hazards, lead or magnets and set specifications which comply with whatever jurisdiction is strictest (be it California, Europe or the United States). All products go through rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for use (even when not legally required) and our Technology Lab rejects any which have higher than background levels of lead, cadmium or mercury, even though these are perfectly legal components in most items.

Brother and Sister Album (1st page)

Ingredients (Canadian)

How to Create:

  1. Insert page from Decorative click and fill page 12×12 pages 6.
  2. In Insert tab, Paper, from content library, delight power palette page 16
  3. Select pre-design Shapes, go to Cut & fill tab use fill option to color as desired.
  4. If desired go to format tab and use effect option to give texture to simple color shapes (as I did for the frame by using the surface effect option and choosing Lace).
  5. Add journaling and embellishment as desired.

Why add Journaling in your scrapbook?

Journaling plays an important part of scrapbooking. It helps you tell your story.
The story of your pictures and it makes your scrapbook even more enjoyable to all who looks at it.

The most frequent question I get is: What do I write?

The best place to start is the 5 W’s – WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHEREANDWHY; this will surely put you on the right track.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. Who is that person standing there beside you?  
  2. What was going on, is this a special event? A wedding? Or maybe a family reunion?
  3. Where are you? At Nana’s cottage? Maybe it’s just a day in your back yard? 
  4.  Why were you wearing that funny orange hat? Was it a gift? Why were you running around in the rain? Or why were you making that funny face?

Make it all about the picture; tell the story of what happened that day. If the story is a funny one attach or quote to that picture and add it on your page. For example: maybe the picture you chose brings to mind a favourite quote that Grandma said all the time…

Some might see this as pointless, but think of this when your kids are all grown up and you have grand-kids or even great-grand-kids, they’ll all be able to turn those beautiful pages and read your journaling and learn about you and their ancestors.

A good tip that I still use is from my early scrapbooking is to make a scrap copy on another paper first. This will help you organize your story the way you want and minimize spelling mistakes.

Digital journaling is easy; you can change and add as you go. But, if you’re doing traditional scrapbooking, you might want to use journaling boxes, they’re helpful! If you make a mistake or want to change or add something they can easily be replaced. Remember, scrapbooking is about being creative, you can use anything as a journal box, a die-cut, a shape that you previously punched or even one that you cut using scissor’s or using the cropping tools.

Most importantly HAVEFUN!

About Creative Memories

We love photos. They help us celebrate our greatest moments and remember the special people, places and events that make up a well-lived life.

If you’ve ever looked for a way to tell a child how much they’re loved, a spouse why they’re appreciated, or friends or family what they mean to you, we’ve got the products and advice to help.

Creative Memories Consultants offer expertise, encouragement and the highest quality photo albums, scrapbook albums and photo books to help you express yourself and tell your stories, one meaningful page at a time.

If you find you have a passion for photos and stories, and if you have a passion for helping others, becoming a Consultant offers you the ability to make money, meet people and be your own boss. It’s a home-based business that makes a difference, and we’d love to have you join us.

Founded: 1987
Consultants: 40,000+
Worldwide: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom

Proud member of the Direct Selling Association.

Canada Day – Scrapbooking Layout Idea

Designed By: Trisha Swan

Ingredients :

How to Create:

  1. Add Cheerful Paper 18 to the background of the page. Make it darker by sliding the Intensity and Saturation until it is the desired color (Color – Adjust Hue).
  2. Add the Cheeful Digital Overlay 6 to the page and change  it to black. Add the Distressed Overlay 1 on top of the cheerful Overlay and change it to black.
  3. Cut a rectangle out of paper 3 from the Black and White Power Palette. Add it to the page as shown. Shadow it. Cut another rectangle out of Paper 15 and add it to the page. Change the Threshold colors in the paper to red and white instead of black and white. (Format – Threshold – sample the dark red in the background paper)Flip it upright as shown. Shadow it. Add the Distressed Overlay 6 on top of that rectangle. To get it to fit just the rectangle place your mouse on the right side and hold down the shift key and slide it to the left. This should make it a rectangle instead of a square. Make it black.
  4. Add your landscape photo as shown. Place a black mat on it (Format Photo – mat). Place Overlay 4 from the Day to  Overlays on top of the photo. You will have to cut off half of the overlay to get it to only show on the right side of the photo (Cut and Fill – rectangle)Shadow it.
  5. Place the Elements Painted Bubble wrap embellishment from the Digital Embellishments – Elements on the bottom left corner of the rectangles as shown. Change the color to dark black. Shadow it. Place the Circle Frame 1, the Heart 1 & 2 and the Star embellishments from the Doodles and Swirls on the upper right side of the rectangles as shown. You could even add more if you wanted. Place the Accordian Brown Ribbon embellishment from the Dress it up digital embellishments on the upper left side of the rectangles as shown. Change the color to black and white (color – b&w) and slide the saturation and intensity until you get the dark black as shown. Shadow it.
  6. Add Simply Beautiful Ribbon 8 to the page as shown at the bottom. Change the colors to black and white. Copy and paste it and change the color of the second one to a solid black (cut and fill – color – choose black). Create a text box the length of the black ribbon. Using the Adler font write the words “O Canada” in white repeating until it stretches the length of the ribbon as shown.
  7. Copy and paste the black poka dot ribbon you placed above the rectangles. Using the ripped cutter (Cut and fill – more – paper rip) cut it into small pieces. Continue to cut the ribbon into pieces and piece them into a circle as shown. Group them together. Now cut a rectangle out of simply beautiful Paper 4. Color wash it with the deep red in the background paper. Using the same paper rip tool cut out smaller triangular shaped pieces. Place them around in a circle on top of the poka dotted ones you just did. Group them together and place a wrinkle surface on them (format – surface – wrinkle). Create a maple leaf shape by using your “nature’ shapes that came with the program (Insert – shape – from content – nature – choose maple leaf). Make it white and add it on top of the circles you have created as shown. Shadow it. Add the Today Happy Day embellishment from the Totally Fun Digital Kit on top of the maple leaf as shown.
  8. Copy and paste the maple leaf you have created and place it in the upper left corner of the rectangles as shown. Copy and paste it again and add it behind the upper left corner of the photo as shown. Place the Burnished Star embellishment from the Digital Embellishments – Grunge Bling as shown. Place the Brad 4 from the Wish Digital Kit to the page. Use the Circle cutter (Cut and Fill – Ellipse) to cut the centre apart from the brad. Color wash the centre with the red from the background (Color – Color Wash). Group it together with the border you cut from it earlier and add this new brad to the corner of the rectangles as shown. Place the Love to See you Smile embellishment from the Totally fun Digital Kit on top of the red brad and change the color to white. Shadow it. Shadow the brad.
  9. Add a text box to the page and use the adler font in white to write your journaling. Place it as shown. Shadow it.

For more great pages layout stay tune and visit:

Join the Album of Hope Movement!

You might ask what an Album of hope is. A couple of months ago I attended a conference with Creative Memories and they presented us with a great story recently told by Consultant Emily Yancey about her good friend and customer, Margaret Callier (thanks ladies!). Margaret shares this story about her six year old son, Robby:

“Recently, Robby asked me about himself as a baby. So I got down his first scrapbook, which led to him looking at his first three books, reading every word and asking lots of questions. It was really special for me, and affirmed that time I’ve put into those books for him. Then a few days later, I had a house full of kids—all six to eight year olds. I came in from running errands, and it was amazingly quiet. Too quiet. Then my husband tiptoed in and said, “You’ve got to see this.” He led me to the living room where Robby was holding court with his scrapbooks. He was going through them page-by-page, showing them the story of his life (so far). The kids were all engaged and, of course, particularly interested in the pages that included each of them.

A few hours later, I got a ‘thanks a lot!” call from the neighbour after her daughter went home and asked to see her scrapbooks, which don’t exist. It made me thankful that I’ve spent the time to do this for Robby. If it means this much to him now, I can only imagine what it will mean to him later!”

This story is a perfect illustration of why we’re so excited to launch the Album of Hope Movement—so every child can have the same validation Robby does. Oftentimes it seems the world is focused only on bad stories. This is the antidote—focusing on the good. This is something we can all rally around, and help each other raise the next generation of happy, healthy, confident kids!

We all believed that albums have the influence to change people’s lives. Many of you have experienced that first hand, and have shared those stories with us.

Child psychologist Dr. Condrell, who said: “I believe photos and scrapbooks might be a parent’s secret weapon. There are few tools out there that are more powerful or effective in helping raise confident, happy, well-adjusted kids.”

For more on the Album of hope movement visit:

How to take better picture..

If you’re like me, you love taking pictures of your kids (I don’t know a mom that doesn’t). Sometime you get that really good shot, but most of the time they are just OK, but not exactly what you want. Well here are some tips from a great photographer Nick Kelsh, that really help me take great pictures of my kids.

Just remember, those tips can be used not just to take good picture of your kids but of your family, friends, pets and anything you feel you want to take a picture of.

The first common mistake we all make is standing to far from our subject. All you need to do is get closer with your camera. When taking memorable pictures, it’s easy to get too busy and focus all our attention on your subject (especially our babies) but try to see those everyday things that are not very important like lamps, parked cars and so on. If our subject is really the center of attention why not photograph just them, a close up is so powerful. The 1st step for taking great close-up pictures is learning how close your camera can focus. You can practice with a newspaper and the best time to do that is when you are alone, not when things are happening in front of you.

Second common mistake is we use our flash too much. I see your face grinning and in some ways it’s true. But think of this, a flash will expose more the front panel and leave the background all dark, but without a flash you get what you see. Also take in to consideration that you will not get the natural color of an object and the 3D effects as the light brightens everything up. Taking the flash off will get you those natural shades and that 3d effect that will give an edge to your pictures.  So when should you use the flash when taking a picture? When you’re looking to take pictures in the dark or if you’re simply looking to take a picture on the go (snapshots as they are called) then you can leave your flash on. So the choice is yours, what do you want?  A good picture or a picture that is worth a Pulitzer Prize every time you make a shot and that will make every looking at it telling themselves how awesome it looks?

Those are two tips from Nick Kelsh.

You might ask WHO Nick Kelsh is, he’s a well-known photojournalist that works for several USnewspapers around the USA. His last one is The Philadelphia Inquirer.  He’s also been working with Creative Memories for years know, writing article in Lasting Moments magazine and giving tips at shows. For more on Nick Kelsh and more tips on how to take memorable pictures, visit his website; How to photograph your baby at .

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