How to take better picture..

If you’re like me, you love taking pictures of your kids (I don’t know a mom that doesn’t). Sometime you get that really good shot, but most of the time they are just OK, but not exactly what you want. Well here are some tips from a great photographer Nick Kelsh, that really help me take great pictures of my kids.

Just remember, those tips can be used not just to take good picture of your kids but of your family, friends, pets and anything you feel you want to take a picture of.

The first common mistake we all make is standing to far from our subject. All you need to do is get closer with your camera. When taking memorable pictures, it’s easy to get too busy and focus all our attention on your subject (especially our babies) but try to see those everyday things that are not very important like lamps, parked cars and so on. If our subject is really the center of attention why not photograph just them, a close up is so powerful. The 1st step for taking great close-up pictures is learning how close your camera can focus. You can practice with a newspaper and the best time to do that is when you are alone, not when things are happening in front of you.

Second common mistake is we use our flash too much. I see your face grinning and in some ways it’s true. But think of this, a flash will expose more the front panel and leave the background all dark, but without a flash you get what you see. Also take in to consideration that you will not get the natural color of an object and the 3D effects as the light brightens everything up. Taking the flash off will get you those natural shades and that 3d effect that will give an edge to your pictures.  So when should you use the flash when taking a picture? When you’re looking to take pictures in the dark or if you’re simply looking to take a picture on the go (snapshots as they are called) then you can leave your flash on. So the choice is yours, what do you want?  A good picture or a picture that is worth a Pulitzer Prize every time you make a shot and that will make every looking at it telling themselves how awesome it looks?

Those are two tips from Nick Kelsh.

You might ask WHO Nick Kelsh is, he’s a well-known photojournalist that works for several USnewspapers around the USA. His last one is The Philadelphia Inquirer.  He’s also been working with Creative Memories for years know, writing article in Lasting Moments magazine and giving tips at shows. For more on Nick Kelsh and more tips on how to take memorable pictures, visit his website; How to photograph your baby at .


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