Canada Day – Scrapbooking Layout Idea

Designed By: Trisha Swan

Ingredients :

How to Create:

  1. Add Cheerful Paper 18 to the background of the page. Make it darker by sliding the Intensity and Saturation until it is the desired color (Color – Adjust Hue).
  2. Add the Cheeful Digital Overlay 6 to the page and change  it to black. Add the Distressed Overlay 1 on top of the cheerful Overlay and change it to black.
  3. Cut a rectangle out of paper 3 from the Black and White Power Palette. Add it to the page as shown. Shadow it. Cut another rectangle out of Paper 15 and add it to the page. Change the Threshold colors in the paper to red and white instead of black and white. (Format – Threshold – sample the dark red in the background paper)Flip it upright as shown. Shadow it. Add the Distressed Overlay 6 on top of that rectangle. To get it to fit just the rectangle place your mouse on the right side and hold down the shift key and slide it to the left. This should make it a rectangle instead of a square. Make it black.
  4. Add your landscape photo as shown. Place a black mat on it (Format Photo – mat). Place Overlay 4 from the Day to  Overlays on top of the photo. You will have to cut off half of the overlay to get it to only show on the right side of the photo (Cut and Fill – rectangle)Shadow it.
  5. Place the Elements Painted Bubble wrap embellishment from the Digital Embellishments – Elements on the bottom left corner of the rectangles as shown. Change the color to dark black. Shadow it. Place the Circle Frame 1, the Heart 1 & 2 and the Star embellishments from the Doodles and Swirls on the upper right side of the rectangles as shown. You could even add more if you wanted. Place the Accordian Brown Ribbon embellishment from the Dress it up digital embellishments on the upper left side of the rectangles as shown. Change the color to black and white (color – b&w) and slide the saturation and intensity until you get the dark black as shown. Shadow it.
  6. Add Simply Beautiful Ribbon 8 to the page as shown at the bottom. Change the colors to black and white. Copy and paste it and change the color of the second one to a solid black (cut and fill – color – choose black). Create a text box the length of the black ribbon. Using the Adler font write the words “O Canada” in white repeating until it stretches the length of the ribbon as shown.
  7. Copy and paste the black poka dot ribbon you placed above the rectangles. Using the ripped cutter (Cut and fill – more – paper rip) cut it into small pieces. Continue to cut the ribbon into pieces and piece them into a circle as shown. Group them together. Now cut a rectangle out of simply beautiful Paper 4. Color wash it with the deep red in the background paper. Using the same paper rip tool cut out smaller triangular shaped pieces. Place them around in a circle on top of the poka dotted ones you just did. Group them together and place a wrinkle surface on them (format – surface – wrinkle). Create a maple leaf shape by using your “nature’ shapes that came with the program (Insert – shape – from content – nature – choose maple leaf). Make it white and add it on top of the circles you have created as shown. Shadow it. Add the Today Happy Day embellishment from the Totally Fun Digital Kit on top of the maple leaf as shown.
  8. Copy and paste the maple leaf you have created and place it in the upper left corner of the rectangles as shown. Copy and paste it again and add it behind the upper left corner of the photo as shown. Place the Burnished Star embellishment from the Digital Embellishments – Grunge Bling as shown. Place the Brad 4 from the Wish Digital Kit to the page. Use the Circle cutter (Cut and Fill – Ellipse) to cut the centre apart from the brad. Color wash the centre with the red from the background (Color – Color Wash). Group it together with the border you cut from it earlier and add this new brad to the corner of the rectangles as shown. Place the Love to See you Smile embellishment from the Totally fun Digital Kit on top of the red brad and change the color to white. Shadow it. Shadow the brad.
  9. Add a text box to the page and use the adler font in white to write your journaling. Place it as shown. Shadow it.

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