Join the Album of Hope Movement!

You might ask what an Album of hope is. A couple of months ago I attended a conference with Creative Memories and they presented us with a great story recently told by Consultant Emily Yancey about her good friend and customer, Margaret Callier (thanks ladies!). Margaret shares this story about her six year old son, Robby:

“Recently, Robby asked me about himself as a baby. So I got down his first scrapbook, which led to him looking at his first three books, reading every word and asking lots of questions. It was really special for me, and affirmed that time I’ve put into those books for him. Then a few days later, I had a house full of kids—all six to eight year olds. I came in from running errands, and it was amazingly quiet. Too quiet. Then my husband tiptoed in and said, “You’ve got to see this.” He led me to the living room where Robby was holding court with his scrapbooks. He was going through them page-by-page, showing them the story of his life (so far). The kids were all engaged and, of course, particularly interested in the pages that included each of them.

A few hours later, I got a ‘thanks a lot!” call from the neighbour after her daughter went home and asked to see her scrapbooks, which don’t exist. It made me thankful that I’ve spent the time to do this for Robby. If it means this much to him now, I can only imagine what it will mean to him later!”

This story is a perfect illustration of why we’re so excited to launch the Album of Hope Movement—so every child can have the same validation Robby does. Oftentimes it seems the world is focused only on bad stories. This is the antidote—focusing on the good. This is something we can all rally around, and help each other raise the next generation of happy, healthy, confident kids!

We all believed that albums have the influence to change people’s lives. Many of you have experienced that first hand, and have shared those stories with us.

Child psychologist Dr. Condrell, who said: “I believe photos and scrapbooks might be a parent’s secret weapon. There are few tools out there that are more powerful or effective in helping raise confident, happy, well-adjusted kids.”

For more on the Album of hope movement visit:


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