Why add Journaling in your scrapbook?

Journaling plays an important part of scrapbooking. It helps you tell your story.
The story of your pictures and it makes your scrapbook even more enjoyable to all who looks at it.

The most frequent question I get is: What do I write?

The best place to start is the 5 W’s – WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHEREANDWHY; this will surely put you on the right track.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. Who is that person standing there beside you?  
  2. What was going on, is this a special event? A wedding? Or maybe a family reunion?
  3. Where are you? At Nana’s cottage? Maybe it’s just a day in your back yard? 
  4.  Why were you wearing that funny orange hat? Was it a gift? Why were you running around in the rain? Or why were you making that funny face?

Make it all about the picture; tell the story of what happened that day. If the story is a funny one attach or quote to that picture and add it on your page. For example: maybe the picture you chose brings to mind a favourite quote that Grandma said all the time…

Some might see this as pointless, but think of this when your kids are all grown up and you have grand-kids or even great-grand-kids, they’ll all be able to turn those beautiful pages and read your journaling and learn about you and their ancestors.

A good tip that I still use is from my early scrapbooking is to make a scrap copy on another paper first. This will help you organize your story the way you want and minimize spelling mistakes.

Digital journaling is easy; you can change and add as you go. But, if you’re doing traditional scrapbooking, you might want to use journaling boxes, they’re helpful! If you make a mistake or want to change or add something they can easily be replaced. Remember, scrapbooking is about being creative, you can use anything as a journal box, a die-cut, a shape that you previously punched or even one that you cut using scissor’s or using the cropping tools.

Most importantly HAVEFUN!


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