Our Promise

We’re committed to helping people enjoy the special moments, stories and photos of their lives. And we take that commitment seriously.

We promise to offer unique, easy, inspirational, high quality and long-lasting products you can trust.

To do that, we rely on science. Our in-house Technology Center and scientists excel at testing our products. Using state-of-the-art scientific equipment such as accelerated aging chambers and infrared spectrophotometers, they guarantee our quality and assure that your photos and stories will stand the test of time.

Product and Process Testing

Because the photo and scrapbooking industries aren’t regulated, a lot of companies make claims about their albums, papers, pens, adhesives and other supplies that simply don’t hold up to our standards.

At Creative Memories, integrity is important. That’s why we back up our product claims. Here are a few examples of the rigor we apply as we develop products:

  • Adhesives: Designed to be permanent so your photos and memorabilia won’t drop off the page.
  • Pens: Designed and tested to be bleed-resistant so they won’t ever run and ruin your photos or surrounding pages.
  • Papers & Stickers: Acid-free so they don’t drain the life out of your photos over time. Most of the false claims on the market are related to “acid-free” products that don’t truly meet the “acid-free” definition.
  • Papers & Pages: Buffered with calcium carbonate to combat the acids found in memorabilia and normal household pollution. And they’re lignin-free to stop them from turning yellow and brittle over time.

We’re also vigilant about safety standards. Our scientists and quality gurus are always on the watch for sharp edges, choke hazards, lead or magnets and set specifications which comply with whatever jurisdiction is strictest (be it California, Europe or the United States). All products go through rigorous testing to ensure they’re safe for use (even when not legally required) and our Technology Lab rejects any which have higher than background levels of lead, cadmium or mercury, even though these are perfectly legal components in most items.


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