Canada day firework 2011


Ingredients (Canada):

How to Create:

  1. Insert 12×12 page from White Gallery 12×12 pages print template page 1 .
  2. From Content tab on the right side of your screen, choose in Papers Cheerful Digital power palette paper 40 (red) Make background
  3. Select contour of layout and in cut and fill tab, color (choose dark red color) do the same with swirl pattern choose a bright red color.
  4. Select all 5 picture frame from Format photos tab – frame – change mat fill – select a paper -cheerful digital PP – Paper 06 OK
  5. Insert picture desired and journaling as desired
  6. Select journaling from Format tab – select glow (red)
  7. Add embellishment from content tab Cheerful Digital PP insert memories embellishment at the both of pages. From insert tab embellishment from files insert downloaded Canada day freebie embellishment.
  8. Doing the firework embellishment with Cheerful Digital PP (Burst1, burst2 and burst4x2)  bleu firework (burst 2 from click and fill, color (blue) and burst 4 resize to go around burst 2 and color light blue) Green firework (burst 1 (select burst1 in cut and fill tab, use wand cutting too, to separate burst by layer, then color with different taint of green, add burst 4 resize and colors light green place it around burst 1) select all burst in Element tab on the left side of you screen and move them down the list till they are in the background.



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