Keeping your Scrapbooking Fun

Did your pages ever become a chore to you? Have you ever tried to make a page and couldn’t get it right no matter how much you worked on it and starting over and over again??? This can become frustrating. The best thing to do when that happens, is to put that pages aside, work on something else and come back to that one later or another day. By that time, new inspiration will arise in you or you’ll simply decide that this is not a page you really want. Remember the important thing is that your pictures are in a safe environment. Not every page has to be perfect, as long have fun and that you like the final outcome; that’s what scrapbooking is all about.

Looking back at some of my workshops, that hardest part of your page is done once you find the layout or the idea you want. Creative Memories as come up with Pages Planner, although not necessary, they can be of good help when those pages just don’t come together like you wanted them too. Remember if you move your picture around, angle them, line them across or up and down and nothing works, just take a brake. You will come back all refreshed and that page will put itself together like magic.

One of the best things is embellishments.  A ribbon here, a button or a sticker there or sometimes a photo mat makes all the difference! I find corner cutters always add a nice edge to your pages.

The first and best tips I can give you to save time and create beautiful pages is:


Organising your picture whether it’s in Power Sort System or in digital scrapbooking software Memory Manager by events, always help me. By organizing, you can go from one kid’s birthday page to the other.  If your pictures are organized, this is easy to do. You’ll see your album done in no time. Plus, if you get an idea well you don’t risk forgetting it… and you’ll have more FUN!! This is why Scrapbooking is a fun hobby and not a chore!


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