I want to share an e-mail that I just received from a former customer of mine that had moved. I have chill bumps. I love what I do helping others preserve their memories and I have always been convinced that Creative Memories has the highest quality products, but here is the proof!

 Hey Evelyn,

How are you? I thought I’d share a quick story with you. Hopefully you heard about the flooding in Minot, North Dakota. We only had two days to get out of the house, so I had to leave my scrapbooks behind. This past Thursday was the first time I’ve seen my house in a month. We had over twelve feet of water outside the house and almost ten feet inside. Anyways, the scrapbooks were on the second floor, and they didn’t get wet. But the moisture buildup in the house was really bad. A lot of the stuff we left behind had started to grow mold. However, when I opened my scrapbooks, they looked brand-new. The page protectors worked really well, and the album covers look exactly the same. So just wanted to say thanks for selling Creative Memories because it saved my photos from the flood. 🙂 Hope you”re doing all right. Talk to you later.                         



Thank you for sharing, Evelyn and Jess. We are so sorry for what your community has gone through.

 If you have not seen images of the flooding, these give some perspective to the magnitude and devastation. Minot Flood Images.

 For more information on what you should do with your photos after a disaster, we have some helpful information in our Help Zone.


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