Create Beautiful Card

Storybook Creator plus allows you not only to make StoryBook Album but Calendar, Cards, Wall paper and much, much more.

Visit Creative Memoires Digital Center and see all you can do with Creative Memories Storybook Creator.

Creating 5×7 Folded Cards

From party invitations, wedding announcements and thank you notes to a special birthday card for Grandma, these 5×7 Folded Cards offer landscape and portrait layout options for any occasion.

You can make your next card personal. Use the Digital Center templates or design a custom card using StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 Software. Once in your software, create a new project by selecting your choice of card size, customizing it and ordering

  5×7 Folded Card Price
10-pack $24.95
20-pack $44.95


Multiple Cards Order Discounts

Discounts are available and automatically calculated for multiple copies of cards of the same type and package size (design and content can be different), shipped to one address. This discount applies to the total price of the cards, unless a product credit is used, in which case the discount will be calculated on the amount after the product credit is applied. Tax will be applied to the final price of the cards after discount:

10-99 Cards = 10% discount         100 or more Cards = 15% discount

For 10 or more cards, shipping will be calculated as follows: first card (or pack of cards) will be charged the regular standard ground shipping for the particular type of card, and for each additional card (or pack of cards), of the same type, the following charges will apply: a) 5×7 Cards 10 or 20 pack = $1.00, b) for the 4xD 3-Panel and 4×4 5-Panel single cards = $0.15, and for 3 pack = $0.45 and c) for the 4xD Book Card single book card = $0.25 and for the 3 pack =$0.75.

Stay tune and see some layout of different card you can do.


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