Season Quotes

Winter is an etching,
spring a watercolour,
summer an oil painting,
and autumn a mosaic of them all.
-Stanley Horowitz
If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere – Vincent Van Gogh
The meadow: green in spring, gold in summer, brown in fall, white in winter, everlasting, ever-changing!
People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.
You can learn a lot of things from the flowers. But especially in the month of June. – from Alice in Wonderland
All sorts of things and weather, must be taken in together, to make up a year
As the summer ends, a new adventure begins.
Sunshine is delicious,
rain is refreshing,
wind braces up,
snow is exhilarating;
there is no such thing as bad weather
just different kinds of good weather.”
– John Ruskin
Each season has its own wonder, it’s own special place, and purpose in the pattern of creation.

Live each season as it passes.
Seasons change with the scenery;
Weaving time in a tapestry…
There is no season such delight can bring,
as summer, autumn, winter, and the spring.
– William Browne
January is the start of a brand new year.
February is the month for those who are dear.
March brings the winds that blow for hours.
April brings the gentle showers.
May brings flowers to make a bouquet.
June is a great time to go out and play.
July is the month for picnics and fun.
August means good times for everyone.
September is when special friends get together.
October brings pumpkins and crisp autumn weather.
November reminds us to be thankful and true.
December is for sharing love and joy…just like Winnie the Pooh.
To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1
We who measure time into seasons know that each season encircles all others and each gives its gifts to the earth. -Flavia
Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
There are seasons, four in all.
Weather changes, sun and rain and snow,
Leaves fall down and flowers grow.
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
There are seasons, four in all.
Look outside and you will see
Just what season it will be!


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