Paper Flower Bouquet

Making a Paper Flower Bouquet

Tools Needed

  • Sharp scissors or X-Acto® blade
  • A stick from a sucker
  • A round pencil – not one that has straight sides (I used a round, pencil-lead container)
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue or another paper arts glue
  • Green floral tape
  • Floral wire – preferably already wrapped in green and thin for small flower stems
  • Green floral sticks for the main stems
  • Thin pencil to transfer patterns to your paper
  • A large paper clip unfolded for applying glue
  • Optional – buy a silk rose to reference


Please approach with a lot of patience! The roses will take some practice.

  • Print each pattern at 100%.
  • Solid lines are cut lines.
  • Dashed lines are fold lines – most of these lines are curved and will need to be hard-edged folds to help shape the petals.
  • Reverse patterns on papers to allow patterns to alternate throughout your bouquet.
  • On small flowers, cut out patterns, put in the folds, shape your flowers and cut out areas that need to be removed, THEN start gluing.
  • On the roses, do main shaping first then start gluing petals together as you shape each rose. Start with the inner petals and create a tight flower center, then add on the outer petals and finish with some final shaping of each petal.
  • The bouquet on the cover of Scraps is made up of: 1. 6 Roses 2. 5 Calla Lilies 3. 15 Daisies 4. 6 Little Flowers 5. 6 Leaves
  • Use glue generously – 3/4 of this bottle was used on the bouquet.

Complete Instructions BouquetInstructions


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