Fabulous Flower Bouquet Idea


Fabulous Tone-On-Tone Paper
Fabulous Paper Buttons
Fabulous Paper Ribbon
Foam Squares

Silver Brads
Twine String
Beta Bucket by IKEA
Small Dowel Rods

How to Create:
To create the flowers, cut 1/2″ x 6″ strips of paper, using 12 strips for each flower. The sample shown was made using 12 flowers.

Fold the two ends of each strip together to overlap and form a loop. Push down in the center (so there is a loop on each side) and stack them on top of each other until you have used six strips. Once you have six strips, punch a hole in the center and place a brad through them to hold.

Do the next six strips just the same and then add them to the first six. Secure the brad and hot glue them to small dowel rods.

Fluff out the flowers by pushing in the loops a little.

Hot glue a small piece of foam into the bottom of a bucket. Adhere a piece of Paper Ribbon around the bucket. Thread a piece of twine through a large Paper Button, tie into a bow and adhere to the ribbon, using Foam Squares.

Arrange the flowers, sticking the dowel rods into the foam to stay in place.

Finished Size:
Approx. 9″ x 9″

Project Designed by:
Jamie Cripps


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