Creative Cuts Collection Smile Card Project Idea

White Cardstock
Reminisce Designer-Print Paper
Reminisce Tone-on-Tone Paper
Reminisce Title Stickers
Reminisce Paper Flowers

Creative Cuts Tool
Creative Cuts Love Pattern
Black Dual-Tip Pen
Precision Point Adhesive
Foam Squares
Corner Maker

How to Create:
Trim the White Cardstock to 5-1/2” x 8-1/2”, fold in half to form a 4-1/4” x 5-1/2” card. Use the Corner Maker to punch the two top corners.
Trim the green Tone-on-Tone paper to 4” x 5-1/4”. Use the Corner Maker to round the two top corners then adhere to the center of the card base. Using the Black Dual-Tip pen, add dashes around the edge then create a solid line inside the dashes line as shown.
Using the Creative Cuts Love Pattern, cut the following:
Three small hearts in orange (two for feet and one for beak)
One large heart in purple (for chest)
Two small circles in green (for eyes)
Two of the rain drop like cuts in white (for the eye base)
Two of the O’s from the word Love in yellow (for the eyelids)
Two of the oval pattern with the flat bottom (for the arms)
Two of the left side of the open heart in teal (for the hair)

Trace the edges of all pieces with the thin end of the Black Dual-Tip pen.
Adhere one of the orange hearts on the purple heart, overlapping the tips. Create two thicker lines on the orange tip for the nostrils as shown.
Adhere the two white rain drop shapes on top of the orange heart with the wide ends on the heart as shown.
One the green circles, draw black circles for the pupils then adhere with small Foam Squares on the white eye bases.
Adhere the yellow eyelid pieces over the small ends of the white eye bases as shown.
Adhere all these pieces on a piece of blue pattern paper. With the thick end of the Black Dual-Tip Pen, create the body for the creature, following the contours of the attached pieces as shown. Cut along the line you just created.
Fold the two orange hearts to form feet then adhere to the bottom of the body as shown.
Adhere the purple ovals on each side of the body for arms as shown.
Attach the two teal pieces together then attach behind the indent for the head as displayed in the photo. Adhere the creature to the card base so that it is hanging off the left edge.
Attach the “smile” sticker from the Reminisce Title Stickers up by the neck line, to the right of the creature.
Using the Reminisce Paper Flowers, adhere a small blue flower on top of the orange flower, then adhere both to the center of the red flower. Use a smallFoam Square to attach to the bottom of the creatures hand as shown.

Finished Size:
4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″

Project Designed by:
Jamie Cripps


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