Tag Maker Flip Flops


Friendship Micro Maker
Tag Maker
Corner Maker
Scallop Circle Maker
White Cardstock
Cheerful Tone-on-Tone Paper
Precision Point Adhesive
Foam Squares
All-Purpose Scissors
Personal Trimmer
Black Dual-Tip Pen
How to Create:
Using the Tag Maker, punch out two tags from red dotted paper. These will be the base of the flip flops. Using the Personal Trimmer, trim away either side of the tag, as shown. The top of each tag is the “curve” of your flip flop so you don’t have to trim. Using the Corner Maker, round the bottom corners.

Trim (4) 1-1/2″ skinny pieces for straps of the flip flops. Adhere with Foam Squares.

Using the Friendship Micro Maker, punch two yellow and two white flowers. Layer and adhere together. Use Scallop Circle Maker yellow “trash” for the inside of your flowers.

Adhere the whole flower to the straps of the flip flops.

Finished Size:
1-1/4″ x 3″ Each

Project Designed by:
Chrissy Wood


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