Make your own desktop wallpaper

We’ve taken even MORE of our newest designs and created fun, fresh new desktop wallpapers.  They’re absolutely free for you to download and share, so spread the word!

We’ve even added new wallpapers with spots to add your own photos!  StoryBook Creator Plus has been upgraded to allow you to download these wallpapers, add your own photos, and then save them for use as your own customized wallpapers!  (Your software will be automatically upgraded to have this feature – StoryBook Creator Plus automatically checks for updates and downloads them each time you open the software.)

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  • To preview a larger version of any wallpaper, simply click the thumbnail image shown.
  • To download a full-sized version of any wallpaper to your computer, right-click the link that matches the screen resolution set for your computer and save it.  Then, click “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Display”, “Desktop”, click “Browse”, then navigate to where you saved the wallpaper file.  Click “Ok” to set the wallpaper. (NOTE: *to determine the resolution you need to download, visit your computer’s control panel and check your display settings within the “Settings” tab.)
  • To customize wallpapers that have spots for photos, download a wallpaper to your computer.  Open StoryBook Creator Plus. Choose “Create a New Project”.  Under the “Desktop Wallpapers” menu selection, choose the screen resolution size that your computer is set to*. Under the “Select a Theme” area, choose “Blank”. Click “Next”.  Name your file, then click “Create”.  In the right menu section, select the “Photos” tab, then click “Get Photos”.  Navigate to the wallpaper file you saved, click on the wallpaper file, then click “Get Selected Photo”. Add this photo(s) to your workspace, then using the resize tool, drag the edges of the wallpaper so they fit within the workspace.  Add your personal photo(s) to the workspace.  Send the photo(s) to the back layer by selecting “Layout” across the top ribbon, then select “Send to back”.  Once you’re happy with the placement of your photo, save the document.  Next, click on “Home” across the top, then under the “Save” icon, activate the pulldown menu and select “Save Pages as.  On the “Save pages” window, browse to the folder you wish to save your wallpaper to, and enter filename in “Start file names with box”.  Make sure these settings are chosen: File Type – “JPG files”, Page range – “Current Page”, Resolution – “Best”, Quality” – “Best”. Click “Save”.  (You may be prompted to agree to a copyright notice.  If so, select “OK”.  Navigate to where you saved the wallpaper file to, then open the file.  Right click on the wallpaper image, then choose “Set as Desktop Background”.  You’re all set!
  • To automatically set a wallpaper as your desktop wallpaper, just click on the resolution size that you need, and when the wallpaper loads on your screen, simply right click it and choose “Set as Background”.

see more by click on here:


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