Creative Memories StoryBook Creator 4.0 – Tips

Resizing Photos and Elements

In StoryBook Creator 4.0 the function to resize your elements is changed to match industry standards for design software: by default the aspect ratio of elements is not locked when resizing the element. To lock the aspect ratio when resizing an element, hold down the Shift key or right-click on the element and select Lock Aspect Ratio. Projects in 3.0 and original elements on 3.0 predesigned pages will continue to function as they were functioning in 3.0.

  • 3.0 project opened in 4.0:All elements that have a locked aspect ratio (default) in 3.0 will maintain the lock when opened in 4.0. New elements/photos added to the pages will NOT have a locked aspect ratio by default.
  • New 4.0 projects using predesigned pages: All elements existing in the original predesigned layout will have a locked aspect ratio. New elements inserted in 4.0 will NOT have a locked aspect ratio by default.
  • New 4.0 projects using a blank template: All elements inserted into the page will NOT have a locked aspect ratio. If you use a predesigned page when changing the page template, original elements on the page will have a locked aspect ratio, but new elements inserted onto the page will NOT have a locked aspect ratio.
  • NOTE: When resizing unflattened photos in 3.0 or 4.0, your photos will be cropped rather than distorted when changing the aspect ratio by resizing.

Auto Save
Use the auto save option to automatically save your changes as you move from page to page. To turn this option on go to Help > Options > Page Editing and select “Auto Save Pages When Switching Pages in a Project.” NOTE: When your file is saved (either using auto save or manual save) and you move to a new page, you will not be able to undo changes made prior to changing the page.

Working with 3.0 projects in StoryBook Creator 4.0
Yes, 3.0 projects will open in 4.0, and they will continue to be saved as 3.0 projects until you save them in 4.0 format (File > Save as > Save project as StoryBook Creator 4.0 project). Note: There are some features and functions, such as adding a page to a project, that cannot be done unless it is in a 4.0 format. You will be prompted to save a project in a 4.0 format when trying to use a feature that requires 4.0. When saved in a 4.0 format, a copy of the project is created and the original 3.0 project remains intact.

New in StoryBook Creator 4.0

  • Improved memory handling, making it faster to move between pages.
  • Quickly change the color scheme of an entire page to coordinate with the colors of your selected element.
  • A new Text Shape feature that allows you to use almost all fonts installed on your computer as an outline for a shape. NOTE: If the font does not supply the required outline information, it will show up as a square when you try to use it for a text shape. Very few fonts do not supply this information.
  • Choose either basic or advanced mode.
  • Open up to three projects at a time, then easily switch between them using tabs at the top of each open project.
  • Several new filters, including Show Edges, Canny Edge, Palletize, Blue and Despeckle.
  • Apply multiple frames and mats by stacking them. Easily sample the frame style and apply it to other photos or make that frame style the default for all photo boxes inserted moving forward.
  • For StoryBooks with a personalized cover option, the cover page appears at the top of the pages panel.
  • If photos are imported from Memory Manager, any journaling in Memory Manager will be available in the properties of the photo in StoryBook Creator.
  • In the Content panel of an open project, you can choose to display papers, embellishments or shapes from ALL art kits/content packages, rather than only being able to see content from one art kit at a time.
  • Ability to add more than two colors to a color gradient.

Using your 3.0 artwork in StoryBook Creator 4.0:
Adding your 3.0 content to StoryBook Creator 4.0 is very simple:

  • In StoryBook Creator 4.0, open Content Manager.
  • Click “Add Folder to Library,” then browse to the location where your content packages are saved.
  • If you have content packages stored in multiple locations, add as many folders as you want, pointing each folder to a different location where your 3.0 content is stored.

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