Still time for holiday gift-giving

Do you know people who are still looking for holiday gifts? You can help by simply calling past, present and future Hosts to let them know about the newest Host offer.

‘Tis the season to reward Hosts!

When your Hosts have parties Dec. 1-15 and their sales reach $250 or more, they’ll receive the Countdown to Christmas Display Accents free (a value of $18U.S./$21 CAN).

And the rewards get even better when their sales reach $500 or more. At this level, Hosts will receive the Countdown to Christmas Display Accents PLUS the Sleek White Magnetic Everyday Display Board free (a value of $86 CAN).

And this is in addition to the very rich Host Rewards Program in place!

Here are five ways to help customers with their holiday gift-giving needs, while boosting your holiday sales in the process:

5. Pull your list of friends, family and customers together. Include phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook information, etc.

4. Find one hour of time this week to make phone calls and offer your assistance with holiday gift shopping. Voice to voice works best! Use the November/December Mini Catalog as a reference to offer up easy-to-give ideas. Be sure to show them the front cover which shows what they can earn for free with the Host offer Dec. 1-15.

3. Identify a two-hour block of time over the weekend where friends, family and customers can stop by and shop. Simply bake some cookies and serve some eggnog. Customers will respond to the last- minute stop and shop offer.

2. Take time to put cash ‘n’ carry products in a cute basket, giftbag or holiday wrap to have available and on display. Customers love to purchase ready-to-give gifts.

1. Pick up the phone and call, send out an email or post a message on Facebook offering ideas for holiday gifts. You’ll be surprised at how many people will be glad you did!


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