Start your business for just $25

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’re offering the chance to become a Consultant for just $25* if you join before Jan. 31, 2012.
Our New Consultant Kit is valued at more than $460. And you’ll also receive the January/February Kit Bonus packed with new Shine products– worth $47. That’s all the products and supplies to get your business off and running right. And you can get it all for $25 when you start your business this month.*Plus applicable taxes and shipping. New Consultants must submit $1,000 or more in sales orders between the date of their Agreement and Feb. 29, 2012, or will be charged the remaining balance, plus applicable taxes. When $1,000 is reached, no additional charges will be applied.
Simple Success

Hold parties with your family and friends (and their family and friends).

Offer the best products for celebrating and sharing stories and photos.

Keep your business going with monthly specials.

Receive training, emails, access to a Consultant-only website and marketing tools to help grow your business.

Earn extra rewards, like product certificates, with our quick-start plan for new Consultants.

Income Potential

Earn the income you want with the flexible schedule you need. Set your own goals; work from home. Achieve your dreams while making new friends and earning vacations, free products and more.

Sell products
The more parties you hold, the more you’ll sell and the more you’ll earn. Along with the profit you make on everything you sell, you can earn product certificates and rebates to increase your income potential.

Build a team
Your income grows when you help others build their own successful business. Plus, you’ll make new friends and earn exciting vacations, free products and more.

Get Started
Now is a great time to start a new business.As a Creative Memories Consultant, you’ll make a difference in people’s lives, while enjoying a flexible schedule and the ability to make money doing what you love.Our Consultant Kit* is packed with more than $460 worth of the products and pieces you’ll need to start out right.

Plus, you’ll also receive these NEW Shine products!

Or choose the $99 Consultant Mini Kit** and get more than $180 in products.

* The Consultant Kit contains: Getting Started Guide, 3 Party Catalogs (10 pk), 3 Creative Memories Catalogs (1ea), Consultant Business Planner, Party Training Guide, Party Postcards (30/pk), Party Presentation Cards, 4×6 Photo Album-Navy, 2 Mini Catalogs (20/pk), Customer Order Forms (25/pk), Recognition Brochure, Business Fliers, Personal Website – 90 days free, 8×8 Hardcover StoryBook Sample, 12×12 Custom Album Coverset Sample, 12×12 True White Scrapbook Pages (15/pk), 8×8 Metal Photo Panel Sample, Magnetic Everyday Display-Black, Power Sort Box-Reflections, Power Sort-Compartment Cover (2/pk), Memory Manager 3.0 Software, 12×12 Cheerful Additions: Birthday, StoryBook Creator Plus 4.0 Software, The Best of Life Display Accents, Host Gift – Thank You Simply Said Book
Kit Bonus Product: 12×12 True Coverset: Shine
Kit Bonus Product: Paper and Photo Mat Pack: Shine

** The Mini Kit contains: Getting Started Guide, 2 Party Catalogs (10 pk), 2 Creative Memories Catalogs (1ea), Consultant Business Planner, Party Training Guide, Party Postcards (30/pk), Party Presentation Cards, 4×6 Photo Album-Navy, Mini Catalog (20/pk), Customer Order Forms (25/pk), Recognition Brochure, Business Fliers, Personal Website – 90 days free, 12×12 True Coverset-Reflections, 12×12 True White Scrapbook (15/pk), 8×8 Metal Photo Panel Sample, Power Sort Box-Reflections, Power Sort-Compartment Cover (2/pk), Host Gift – Thank You Simply Said Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Creative Memories products sold in stores?
Creative Memories products are sold exclusively by independent Creative Memories Consultants.

What is “direct sales?”
Direct sales is a method of selling products or services direct to consumers. This distribution channel relies on the services of independent sales consultants, eliminating the need for a retail outlet.

Creative Memories is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). Member companies must meet the highest ethical standards, and the DSA works with state and federal agencies to ensure the best business practices.

How do Consultants sell Creative Memories products?
• Host-sponsored parties. Party Hosts invite friends, relatives, neighbors and other acquaintances to a party. Consultants talk about and show the products available for getting photos into beautiful photo albums, displays, and more. Consultants’ personal service makes the experience fun for everyone and rewarding for the Host, with the opportunity to earn free products when the event’s sales reach $250 or more.

• Sell to individuals. Selling to individuals is a great way to supplement party sales. When customers feel the satisfaction of doing something fun with their photos, they’ll share this with their family and friends, resulting in referrals. This gives the Consultant the opportunity to sell more and to offer the new contacts the opportunity to host a Photo Solutions Party. Consultants can also sell products through their personal websites and on

How do I start my Creative Memories business?
To start your business, you must sign up with a Consultant who will be your upline. If you have a Consultant, ask her how to get started. If you do not have a Consultant, use our Consultant Locator or call (800) 341-5275,, and we’ll help you find a Consultant near you. Once you’ve purchased a Consultant Kit, you can start sharing your new business venture with family, friends and acquaintances and begin holding parties.

Your upline and fellow team members are a constant source of training and insight to building a successful Creative Memories business.

What if I have no sales experience?
You may be surprised to know that a lot of successful consultants have limited or no sales experience. The key to success is to enjoy showing others how to celebrate and share their stories and photos with Creative Memories products.

How much time will a Creative Memories business require?
One of the biggest advantages of owning a Creative Memories business is that you determine your schedule and the number of hours you work. You can customize your business to your personal goals and desires – part-time or full-time, the choice is yours.

How much can I expect to earn as a Creative Memories Consultant?
As a Consultant, you earn 30-45 percent on every product you sell; Leaders can earn up to 50 percent. In addition to the income you earn through product sales, you can earn rewards like trips, jewelry, exclusive products and more.

Are there any sales requirements?
All Consultants must have minimum cumulative retail sales of $600 in a consecutive three-month period in order to maintain their Consultant status.

How do I order products?
Consultants have access to a special Consultant-only website where they can order products directly from Creative Memories. Consultants pay 30 percent less than the suggested retail price. When customers order from you, they’ll pay the full retail amount, and you’ll receive a commission check that reflects the percent you earn.


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