Nancy O’Dell Partnership – Come see her wonderful products

Acclaimed entertainment journalist Nancy O’Dell stays busy as co-host of Entertainment Tonight, loving mother to daughter Ashby and step-sons Tyler and Carson, as well as an avid scrapbooker. Nancy’s been making albums since she was young, and she knows the power that an album filled with loved and affirmation can have.Developing a line of products for Creative Memories was a natural fit for her, and we’re so thrilled to have her energy, passion and input to our product line.

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Nancy O'Dell's Love Collection

“When I open my albums,” says Nancy, “I see smiles. I see tears. I see hope, faith and happiness. I see them shared. And that’s love to me.” That’s what this whimsically colorful series of products from Nancy O’Dell celebrates. They’re about love – love for a sweetheart, love for a child, love for a parent, a pet or a place – pure, innocent, honest love. The Love Series blends gently worn icons and images with lively young colors to match the energy and emotion of your photos. Love grows old, but it never fades!

Nancy O'Dell's Secret Ingredients Collection

A cookbook normally gives you ideas for delicious meals. In “Secret Ingredients,” Nancy O’Dell offers you the inspiration to try something new. It’s about mixing together your photos, your memories, your wishes and your sentiments and putting them all into the gifts you give. “You don’t have to go to the mall to find the perfect gift,” explains Nancy. “And you don’t have to be a professional designer or greeting card writer to make something that matters. I promise these will be some of the best gifts you have ever given!”

Nancy O'Dell's Gratitude Collection

As a fourth-generation scrapbooker, Nancy knows the power that photo albums can have. “Growing up seeing and reading the albums my mom would make for me – seeing the things that she kept and soaking up all the words of love and support – how could I not feel like the most loved child in the world? I’m giving that same gift to my kids,” Nancy says. And this series of products is designed to show that love – for a parent, for a child or friend, or a simple demonstration of gratitude for all the blessings in your life!

Nancy O'Dell's Ashby Collection

The Ashby Collection is named after Nancy’s daughter and is inspired by Nancy’s past. To design the collection, Nancy recalled the baby books that her grandmother had created for Nancy’s own mother. The classic, hand-sketched artwork mirrors that of her mother’s baby books, while the journaling prompts reflect Nancy’s own experiences as a mom. The result is a collection of products filled with vintage elegance, yet designed to help today’s busy moms create albums for their children quickly and easily.

Nancy O'Dell's Hummingbird Collection

“Stop and think about a hummingbird,” Nancy explains. “The fleeting, beautiful creature appears without notice, lingers there for you to enjoy for just a few seconds, then disappears before we can fully appreciate what we just saw. “Aren’t our families’ memories the same? The best moments in life come without warning and, if we don’t take notice, are gone forever. My Hummingbird Series celebrates what we do as scrapbookers. We capture those moments in time and keep them for ourselves, for our families and for posterity.”

Nancy O'Dell's Simply Said Books

Simply Said books are a concept Nancy just loves. She says, “They are such an easy way to create a meaningful gift. It’s pretty simple – just fill in answers to the question prompts, add your photos and share it with someone dear to you! My collection includes two adorable Simply Said books that a child can complete for their mom or dad. You’ll laugh out loud at some of the answers kids come up with, and I just love that the books can be a keepsake for mom or dad to treasure down the road.”

Nancy O'Dell's Recipe Collection

For me, photo albums have always been about remembering and sharing. Sometimes those memories are moments. Sometimes they are life lessons. And sometimes, they are traditions. Now, I don’t know about your family, but in my family it sure seems like a lot of the best traditions tie back to food. Grandma’s cookies, my aunt’s chicken – and don’t even get me started on my mother’s biscuits! That’s what I love about the Recipe Quick Album. It celebrates those recipes for what they really are. They’re more than just instructions for favorite foods. They’re links to the people and the moments that bring your family together. Due to popular demand, this item is currently backordered until early 2012. Click to see a substitution option.


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