February Specials

Club offers
Exclusive Product– Starting in February, club members get exclusive access to the North American Road Trip Content CD with a $39.95 coupon for just $29.95! That’s a 25% savings to celebrate our 25th anniversary!Exclusive Discounts – In February, club members can order three Creative Cuts Bundles at a great discount.

Card sale
There’s more to love in February with 20 percent off love- and wedding-themed cards ordered through the Digital Center.
Exclusive Host-only album
Jan. 2 – Feb. 29

Host a party and, when your sales reach $500 and one of your guests books a party, you’ll unlock this exclusive offer. Use $100 of your free product credit on the special Shine Booking Bonus Package – including the Shine 8×8 Coverset that’s ONLY available to Hosts through this special offer.

When you begin a Creative Memories business in February and reach $500 in sales during your first 30 days, you’ll get a special pack of practical business tools to help you start your business right. Contact your Consultant or click here to learn more.

Oh, you’re a shrewd one, aren’t you? You’ve waited patiently and now it’s time to snatch up these last-chance products at their best prices. Here are your clearance scrapbook supplies Well played, old friend.

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