With this Ring…. (digital)


StoryBook Creator 4
Black & White digital Power Palette
Hummingbird Digital kit
Flowers of you’re choosing
Font: Amazed

How to make it;

  • In a 12×12 or 8×8 album choose a black sheet; add Black & White digital PP paper 24, make as background;
  • Add picture; using StoryBook, Format Photo tab, choose Select Mat option, select second basic mat option;
  • Add to page paper 21, using StoryBook Cut and Fill tab, choose Straight cut and cut a strip in paper 21 (deled rest of paper)
  • From this remaining Strip of paper 21, choose cut option shape and choose triangle (rotate 90 degrees to your right) cut a triangle at the end of the strip;
  • Copy and paste 3 more time remaining shape, to make a total of 4 select 2 of the 4 and choose Color option and make White (resize and rotate as needed)
  • Adding text: in Insert tab, Text section, choose Shape; in the write text desired (with this) choose color needed white (or make it your own and choose the palest shade from your bouquet) Repeat set for (RING…) for the color choose black or darkest shade in your bouquet and use line option Color and width to make yours;
  • Embellishment: with the StoryBook creator adding Embellishment is a endless, as you can used any and all click art out there, with our Wand cutting option you just need to remove the with background of your click part and voilà;
  • For my embellishment I went on google and search for my favour flower image and saved it on my hard drive, in Storybook Insert tab, Content, click on Embellishment ; From my computer and insert Flower… or other, then form Cut and fill tab; (if you have a with background around your clipart) use Wand option and with your wand click on the white portion of your click art and cut (see example)

  • For humming bird either do the same or choose embellishment form hummingbird collection and click on Color tab and select shade you want (for me it was orange)

Happy Scrapbooking!!!


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