Scrapbooking and Alzheimer: Art and Therapy?

Before Album for HOPE we were exploring what how Scrapbooks have impact on our lives, with Time for Triumph Albums, we have found that Scrapbooking, can be an Art and/or Therapy, well it can definatly be both, I must say, it can be much more therapeutic then we can ever imagine!!!!

Scrapbooking for Alzheimer’s Patients, have you heard of it????

Doctors have found that this popular activity can be every good for Alzheimer’s patients, its fast becoming a more and more popular activity that can really have a positive impact on them.

It’s been established that went Alzheimer’s patient looks or work with picture from their past, it may bring back laughter and bring relief to a stressful day. So why not initiate one of your love ones to some scrapbooking activities, for Alzheimer’s sufferers it may be an enjoyable way to revitalise the memory.

Health care professionals have found that scrapbooking can help to stimulate the brain affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. I am making available a publication on using photo books and scrapbooks when working with Alzheimer’s patients. While no longer active the Time for Triumph campaign from Creative Memories was a grate success, I, as a consultant am looking foreword in help you and your love one build a Time for Triumph Album, look at our publication for 2007 (alzheimersalbum_2007  ) and see what this would be good for your love one.

Who could possibly have foreseen that an object as simple as a childhood photo, a picture of an old house, or a group of your high school friends from all those years ago, would become so important to improve mental health? But think of this: ‘Photographs from the past allow patients to reminisce about pleasant times in their lives. Photographs from the present help patients relate to their current situation.

With our PicFolio collection it’s easier then ever to set time aside to scrapbook with your loved ones , if they are unable to create some, you can create on for them. Keeping a scrapbook in their room is a wonderful way to add to their quality of life, and put a smile on their face!

Want more information one making a Time for Triumph Album for a love one or if you wish to create an album, but lack the time, I can help! send me an email!!!


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