Joined my team in February and receive a special pack to get your business growing

When you sign up to be a Creative Memories Consultant in February you will receive a complete Success Plan plus a special Business Pack to help you succeed in you new business.  In this special pack you will receive recruiting brochures and two Consultant Start-Up Pack valued at 35$ each. Use the Start-Up Pack to grown our team, work with new recruits immediately after they sign up while everyone excitement level is high.  .It also includes the Getting Started Guide along with the Party Training Guide and four Party Planning sheets. Going through these pieces together will give you the confidence and support you’ll need to get off to a strong start. Your and your new recruit will be ready to schedule and plan parties with their Hosts, even before their kit arrives! The Business Pack also includes a $20 voucher code from The Merrill Corporation that can be used for business cards and other personalized business supplies. These are the practical nuts and bolts that can help you, as a new Consultant start building you business.

Keep building!

February’s not over yet. Once you’ve started your business, for every new Consultant you add to your own team in February, you will receive a new Creative Memories Tool Kit (valued at 30$). It’s a handy new product that will launch in May! And you’ll not only get it free, you’ll get it before it’s available to anyone else

For more detail look at Tool Time flier



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