Vday Card

Ingredients (Canadian)

Cloud 12×12 Cardstock
Red 12×12 Cardstock
Fabulous Storybox
Classic Valentine Stickers
Straight Blade
Scoring Rotary Blade
Creative Cuts Love Pattern
Lovable Mini Pocket Punches
Doodling Templates Flowers and Swirls
Black Dual-Tip Pen
Red Dual-Tip Pen
Pink Dual-Tip Pen

Green Dual-Tip Pen
Tape Runner

How make it:

  1. Cut Cloud Cardboard using rotation straight blade to make and 8×8 square, using rotating Scoring blade fold to make a 4×8 card.
  2. Cut heart from Creative Cut Love Pattern in red Cardboard using tape runner glue 2 pieces for heart on to card.
  3. Using Doodling templates Flowers and Swirls and Dual-tip Pens create flower or other doodle (remember make it fun make it yours)
  4. Add stickers
  5. Using Fabulous Storybook paper cut heart with Lovable Mini pocket punch, use tape runner to glue.
  6. Use Dual-tip Pens to journal what you desired (Joyeuse St-Valentin / Happy Valentine Day)
Feel free to visit my Quote section to fill in your beautiful creation. Happy Scraping!!


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