Looking to Inspiring your Creativity

Every scrapbook tells a story – in words or pictures or some combination of both. That book you’re working on can be whimsical and light or painfully honest and revealing. It can be touchingly emotional or functionally informative.

Your scrapbook are, quite literally. what you make of them.

And how you make them is up to you. Your style can be shaped by your tastes, your message and the objectives you want that album to achieve, is this particular album a time capsule message to your grandchildren? Or is this a birthday gift for your sister? the choices is yours.

But it won’t be anything if you don’t turn out those pages and get it done. So in the spirit of inspiring your creativity we present this collection of ideas.

We hope they inspire you to try something new. We hope they inspire  your passion. But most of all, we hope they inspire you to complete and share your album – for yourself and the people who you love.

taken from Creative Memories Inspire Me Idea Book vol 1 available while supplies last. also available Ten Question Idea Book vol 2


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