In my day

One of the biggest problems people have in creating a heritage album is defining what they mean by “heritage”. It gets intimidating.

But really, you don’t need to have discovered a cure for acne to have a role in history. And you don’t need to be a direct, bloodline descendant of Cleopatra to have heritage.

Think of it this way. Do you remember when you could get a can of soda for a quarter? Do you remember the mole poblano that Aunt Inez served on Mexican Independence day? Do you remember when you were when Neil Armstong Stepped onto the moon?

You may not see much historical significance in your Dorothy Hamill wedge cut…OK, there wasn’t much historical significance in your Dorothy Hamill wedge cut. But it was so cut, and you loved it so much, and your kids will think its hysterical. And there’s value in that. Wouldn’t you love to have an album that capture the big and not so big moments of your grandmother’s life?

Discovering your heritage – in big ways and small – gives you an appreciation of who you are and what family traditions, culture, challenges and experiences have helped shape the person you have become.

I dream of genealogy

It’s not for everyone, but for those with the curiosity and commitment going beyond 10 questions to truly dig in and trace the roots of your family tree can be one of the most fascinating and rewarding projects you’ll ever take on.

For researching a more elaborate project like that you’ll still start with your own photos and the move on to interview all of your oldest living relatives. Beyond that, there are dozens of books and number of website available to help you dig deeper. Another key resource will be your local historical society or museum.

One website I love is http://www.ancestry.com/ but there are lots more.


Stay tone for more on making an Heritage Album with 10 QUESTION ABOUT YOUR HERITAGE and for more great layout check out out Creative Memories ten questions a simple guide to capturing real life in album Idea book Vol.2


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