Adoption Album

Where did I come from?

There aren’t many questions that make parents gulp and cringe quite like, “Where did I come from?” But for adoptive parents, that one question opens up a whole box of more questions.

Every adoption is its own unique story of anticipation, acceptance, understanding and love. These 10 questions can help you create an album that celebrates that story and all its many heroes.

Adoption album types

The whole adoption process is filled with blessings, questions and emotions. Along the way, we’ve found a couple of points where an album can help clear things up and keep things moving.

  • Introduction albums. This is an album that a prospective adoptive family creates to give agencies, attorneys, birth parents and adoptive children a way to quickly get to know them.
  • Birth parent updates. Adoptive families create an album like this to keep birth parents and foster parents in touch as the adopted child grows. Often, an album like this is created and sent a page or two at a time.
  • “My life story” albums. This is the type of book we’ll be profiling in this chapter. It’s meant to explain to a child the story of how he or she came to be a part of the family.
  • International adoption albums. Adopting a child from another country carries its own set of challenges. So an album like this takes the “My life story” idea and runs a few extra miles with it. What was life like for the child before the adoption? What was the adoptive family’s trip to get their new child like?

Stay tone for 10 questions about adoption and Adoption Layouts.

Happy Scrapbooking!!!


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