Cakes & Candles Birthday Owl Scrapbook Project Idea


Cakes & Candles 12×12 Additions
Brown Cardstock
Espresso Cardstock
White Cardstock
Black Cardstock
CCS Circle Patterns
CCS Oval Patterns
Scallop Circle Maker
Circle Maker
Sweet Heart Maker
Huimmingbird Maker
Starburst Pocket Punch
Postage Stamp Place ‘n’ Punch
Petal Multi-Maker
Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch
Ribbon Maker
Snowflake Mini Pocket Punch

How to Create:

Using the blue blade on the outside of the large CCS Oval Pattern, cut an oval from Espresso Cardstock.

Using the blue blade on the inside of the large CCS Circle Pattern, cut two circles from White Cardstock. Use the Brown Dual-Tip Pen and a tissue to ink the edges of the circles. Adhere, overlapping onto the top of the Espresso oval.

Adhere onto a piece of Brown Cardstock. Trim around leaving a 1/4″ mat.

Make the following punches:
6 – Hummingbird Maker for feather on sides of face
2 – Sweet Heart Maker for ears
4 – Ribbon Maker for feet
MANY – Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch for feathers on tummy
1 – Postage Stamp Place ‘n’ Punch (fold into triangle for beak)
2 – Scallop Circle for eyes
2 – Circle Maker, large & small – Faom Square together for eyes
2 – Starburst Pocket Punch for eyes
3 – Blossom Place ‘n’ Punch for ruffle of birthday hat
1 – Snowflake Mini Pocket Punch for top of hat
4 – Petal Multi-Maker (cut in half) for on arms

Adhere and layer all theBlossom Place’n’ Punches for the feathers on the tummy. Cut a thin strip of Espresso Cardstock to cover the start of the feathers.

Using the red blade on the inside of the largest CCS Oval Pattern, cut an oval from Espresso Cardstock. Cut another using the green blade from Brown Cardstock. Adhere together. Cut in half. Adhere as the wings.

Assemble the eyes together using Foam Squares and adhere.

Use the red blade on the inside of the large circle, cut a pattern paper for the party hat. Fold the sides back to create a triangle. Adhere a snowflake at the top and a cupcake sticker with aFoam Square.

Adhere the rest of the punches.

Finished Size: 8″ x 12″

Project Designed by: Jill Klasen and Tara Dickinson


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