Sweet & Simple Enchanted Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Ingredients (Canada):

How to Create:

  1. Add Enchanted paper 2 to the background.
  2. Place your photo on the page and flatten it. Now take your custom cutter (Cut&Fill – Custom )and  cut around the photo leaving just a bit of an outline around your subject. Use the Soften Edge Filter (Format – Filters) to soften the edge of the photo as shown. Enlarge it and place it on the Left side of the page as shown.
  3. Next cut a circle out of paper 4. Use the paper tear function (Cut&Fill – straight – paper tear) to tear around the circle. This will take quite a few tears as the function only works in straight lines. Just place the line in one small edge of the circle and tear it and work your way around). Place it at the top right as shown. Shadow it and place the Gem – Red embellishments as shown on top. Then add the Flower Med Teal, Flower Med Cream and Flower -Sm Red flowers on top of the circle as shown. Shdadow them all. Take the opacity down a bit so they don’t stand out quite as much. (format – opacity) Place the Glitter Dot Cream embellishment on top of the Flower Med. Cream flower as shown and shadow it. Now add the Ribbon Red embellishment as shown. Take the opacity down.
  4. Using the Mutlu Font add a text box and write your name using the matched cream on the page. Shadow it with the all around shadow so that it stands out (I shadowed it and flattened it and shadowed it again a few times to get the desireed effect).
  5. Place the Ribbon Teal embellishment on the right side of the page under the circle and flower embellishment you have created and take the opacity down.
  6. Next take the Memories embellishment and using the custom cutter (cut&Fill – custom) cut off the word Memories to leave just the swirls. Using that and the swirls from the Live Simply embellishment (take it off the same way with the custom cutter and change it to the red in the first swirl) Place them around the right and bottom sides of the page as shown. I flipped them and rotated them. There are quite a few of each. You may need to play with this a bit to get the desired effect. Take the Opacity down a bit so that they are not as dark.  Add the Flower-lg Striped and Flower-sm white embellishments within the swirls as shown. Take the opacity down a bit.
  7. Take the Sweet & Simple embellishment and place it on the page. Using the wand tool cut out the & sign and change it to the teal color that is on the page. Change the words to the cream on the page and then flatten them all together again. Shadow them with the all around shadow and place it on the page as shown.
  8. Create 5 text boxes and use the Ma Sexy, Angelic War, Narnia BLL, AnkeCalligraphic  Fg, and Designer fonts to write your desired journaling. Make two of them the teal on the page and vary the sizes of the fonts. Place them as shown and shadow them with the all around shadow.  Add the Burst Red embellishment as shown on the words you created.

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