Oooey Gooey Bunny S’mores





How to Create:

Create a new 8-1/2″ x 11″ project.   Add Glory of Easter P1.  Under the Cut & Fill tab, cut the tag using the Digital Shapes – Tags and select Shape0012.  Size to approximately 2.5 x 3.5.


Add the Insert tab, insert a white Shape 3.  Under the Format tab, add a light shadow.

From the Classic Easter Digital Embellishments, add the Grass, Bunny (flipped), flower-pink, flower-yellow and Butterfly-orange.  Align each as shown.

Add a ric rac ribbon from the Reminisce Digital Embellishment.  Under the Color Tab, select Color Wash and use the dropper to select the pink.  You may need to adjust the brightness of the ribbon to be more pastel.


The easiest way to trim the excess grass and ribbon is to group the two.  See the above screen shot to cut the shape again to rid the excess.

Add the following text:

“Bunny S’mores”  ~  “Put the chocolate on a graham cracker.  Put the boney on top.  Heat until softened.  Top with the other graham cracker and enjoy.”

Group all the layers together.  Copy and paste the tag eight times.


Send to a colored printer. Trim around the edge and tie to the baggie filled with a Peeps Bunny, 2 graham crackers and a fun-size Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar.  Enjoy!

Designed by: Jill Klasen


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