Boyz page toppers, quotes, poeme…

Page Toppers

  • 100% Boy
  • About a Boy…
  • All-American Boy
  • All-American Country Boy
  • All Boy
  • Backyard Boy
  • Barefoot Boy
  • Barefoot Country Boy
  • Blue Jeans and Sling Shots,
    Rocks, Whistles and Worms
  • Blue Jean Boy
  • Bouncing Baby Boy
  • Boy, am I Happy
  • Boy, am I Proud
  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Boy Meets World
  • Boy, Oh Boy
  • Boy’s Life
  • Boys and Their Toys
  • Boys Don’t Cry
  • Boys Just Want to Have Fun
  • Boys-n-Toys
  • The Boys of Summer
  • Boys Only! No Girls Allowed
  • Boys’R’us
  • Boys Will Be Boys
  • Daddy’s Little Boy
  • First Set of Wheels
  • Genuine Boy
  • Happy Barefoot Boy
  • He’s My Son
  • Howdy, L’il Buckeroo!
  • If I Had a Hammer…
  • I’m a Big Boy Now
  • It’s a Boy!
  • It’s a Guy Thing
  • The Joys of Boys
  • Just Me and My Pa
  • Just Like Dad
  • Just One of the Guys
  • The Lawn Ranger and Tonto
  • Little Barefoot Boy
  • Like Father, Like Son…
  • Little Boy Sad
  • Little Boys Are Angels, Too
  • Little Boys Are So Very Special
  • Mommy’s Little Boy
  • Mommy’s Little Sonflower
  • Men At Work
  • My Three Sons
  • No Girls Allowed
  • Oh, Boy
  • Oh Brother!
  • Our Son-flowers
  • Rising Son
  • Rocks, Need I Say More
  • Run, Boy, Run
  • So Handsome
  • The Son Also Rises
  • Sons are Special–
    Especially Mine
  • Sonflowers
  • Thank God I’m a Country Boy
  • Thank Heaven for Little Boys
  • That Little Boy Who Follows Me
  • That’s the Way Boys Are
  • Tool Time
  • Tough as Nails
  • Tough Little Boys
  • Under a Blanket of Blue
  • What are Little Boys Made of?
  • Where the Boys Are
  • You Are My Son-shine


  • The angels smiled on us with joy,
    when God gave us our baby boy!
  • Boys are God’s way of telling you that your house is too neat!
  • A boy’s will is the wind’s will, and the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.
  • A brand new baby boy,
    to fill our lives and hearts with joy
  • It is truly a gift to have a son like you who grows more precious with the years!
  • It’s easy to feel nostalgic about the little boy you used to be. It’s even easier to feel proud of the man you’ve become.
  • A mother of boys works from son up to son down.
  • Nearly every man is a firm believer in heredity until his son makes a fool of himself.
  • The night you were born I ceased being my father’s boy and became my son’s father. That night I began a new life.
  • Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable. (Plato)
  • Of all the blessings God sends from above,
    the one most precious is a baby boy to love.
  • Remember those embarrassing, childish things you used to do, son? Well, we do…and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!
  • Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails;
    that what little boys are made of.
  • Son, you bring pride to the family, joy to the heart. You are a blessing and a love forever!
  • The worst waste of breath, next to playing the saxophone, is advising a son. (Kin Hubbard)
  • You are a perfect example of what a son should be!
  • You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. If you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes. (Walter Schirra, Sr.)

Boy ABC List

A – acrobat, action, action figures, active, activity, admirable, adorable, adventure, adventurous, agreeable, aha!, airplane, all boy, amazing, amusing, angelic?, animal cracker, animals, artwork, asleep, athlete, athletic, aunt, authentic, automobiles, awesome
B – backpack, backyard, band aid, baptism, baseball, bashful, basketball, bath, bedroom, best friend, bicycle, big boy, big-hearted, bike, birthday, blue, boo-boo, book, boy, Boy Scouts, brother, bruises, buddy, bugs, building, busy
C – camp, candy, cap, captivating, car, carefree, casual, cat, catcher, champion, charm, cheerful, chicken pox, child, chin, christening, Christmas, circus, cleats, clever, climbing, clothes, computer, cookies, courageous, cousins, cowboy, creativity, crew cut, critters, cuddly, curious, cute, cut-up
D – daddy, daredevil, daring, delightful, determined, digging, diligent, dinosaur, dirt, dirty, doer, dog, drawings, drowsy, dump truck, dungarees, dynamic, dynamite
E – eagle, earnest, Easter, easy-going, endearing, energetic, energy, enthusiasm, even-tempered, excellent, exciting, exhausted (mom??), explorer, expressive, extra special, extraordinary
F – face, family, fantastic, father, favorite . . . . , fearless, fire truck, firecracker, fishing, foot print, football, freckles, French fries, friendly, friends, Frisbee, frog, frown, full of life, fun, funny, funny face
G – gabby, games, generous, genius, gentleman, giggle, giving, gleeful, go-getter, good grade, goofy, grandparents, grimy, grin, growing, growing up, grumpy, gum, gym
H – hair cut, Halloween, hamburger, hammer, hand print, handful, handsome, handstand, happy, hard hat, headstrong, helper, heritage, hero, hiding, hilarious, hobby, holiday, homework, hot wheels, hug, huggable, humorous
I – I love you, ice cream, imagination, imaginative, imp, incredible, independent, industrious, innocent, inquisitive, insects, intelligent, interests, interesting, inventive, irresistible
J – jacket, jack-of-all-trades, jaunty, jeans, jelly beans, joker, joyful, jubilant, jump, jungle gym, junior, junk, juvenile
K – karate, keen, kidder, kin, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kinfolk, kiss, kite, kitten, knee pads, knees, knowledgeable
L – lanky, laughter, lawn mower, leader, leap-frog, Legos, library, light-hearted, likable, Little League, lively, lovable, loving
M – macaroni and cheese, masculine, Matchbox Cars, male, manners, McDonalds, Me!, memories, messy, mischievous, Mom, motorcycle, mowing the lawn, mud, music
N – name, nap, naughty, nephew, nice, night owl, night light, Nikes, nimble, NO!, noisy, nonstop, nose, nutty
O – obedient, obstinate, offspring, only child, oodles, optimistic, ordinary day, others, ouch!, outdoors, outgoing, outgrown, outspoken, outstanding, overalls,
P – pack rat, painter, pajamas, parents, park, party, peanut butter, peek-a-boo, pets, pickup truck, play, playful, playground, please, pocket, precocious, presents, puddle, pull toy, puppy
Q – quality, quarantine (measles, etc.), quarter, quest, question, quick, quiet, quip, quite . . . . , quizzical, quotation
R – rain, rambunctious, rascal, ray of sunshine, reader, reliable, remarkable, risk-taker, roam, rocking horse, rodeo, rough, rowdy, rugged, running
S – sassy, school, school bus, scooter, showing off, shy, siblings, silly, sister, skate board, skillful, skinned knees, sleepy-head, smart, smile, snack, snips and snails, snowball fight, soccer, somersault, special, spirited, spontaneous, stick horse, strong, stubborn, surprise, swim, swing
T – talented, talkative, tall, tantrum, T-ball, teacher, team, teddy bear, teeter totter, teeth, tender-hearted, tent, terrific, Thanksgiving, thinker, ticklish, timid, tired, tireless, toddler, toes, tool box, tough, toys, tractor, train, trampoline, trick, tricycle, trophy, trouble, truck, tug-of-war, TV
U – ultimate, umbrella, unbelievable, uncle, under, underwater, unforgettable, unhappy, uniform, unique, unkempt, unmistakably . . . . , unselfish, unusual, unwrap, upbeat, upside down
V – vacation, valiant, vehicle, venture, very . . . . , victory, vigor, visitor, vitality, vocal, vroooomm
W – wacky, wagon, walk, wet, whimsical, whirlwind, whistle, why?, wiggle worm, wild, willful, winner, wipe out!, wise, witty, wonderful, worker, wow!, wrestler
X – X marks the spot, eXcavator, eXcellent, eXceptional, eXciting, eXcursion, X-ing (school crossing), Xmas, XOX (kisses and hugs), eXpert, eXplorer, x-ray, eXtraordinary, eXtra special, eXuberant, XXX (tic tac toe), xylophone
Y – yawn, yell, yikes!, yonder, you did it!, young, yowling, yo-yo, yuck!, yummy
Z – zany, zestful, zigzag, zillion, zip, zip-a-dee-doo-dah!, zip code, zipper, zippy, zodiac, zoo, zoom, zoophilist (one who loves animals), ZZZZZZ

Also use months, days, special events in the child’s life, the name of the child and his relatives and friends, state and town you live in, street name, the child’s favorite TV shows, computer games, music, etc.

Boys and Girls Are Not Exactly the Same

  • You throw a little girl a ball, and it will hit her in the nose. You throw a little boy a ball, and he will try to catch it. Then it will hit him in the nose.
  • A baby girl will pick up a stick and look in wonderment at what nature has made. A baby boy will pick up a stick and turn it into a gun.
  • When girls play with Barbie and Ken dolls, they like to dress them up and play house with them. When boys play with Barbie and Ken dolls, they like to tear off their appendages.
  • Girls are attracted to boys, even at an early age. At an early age, boys are attracted to dirt.
  • Most baby girls talk before boys do. Before boys talk, they learn how to make machine-gun noises.

The Mother of Boys Sentiments Album

Journal along the tops of the pages in blue. Run design line stickers across the bottoms and use stickers that compliment the pictures. Numbers refer to pages. Photo ideas are in parenthesis.

  1. Praise to the High One for giving me joys (baby picture of each boy)
  2. Peculiarly sweet…(picture of boys being goofy)
  3. I’m the mother of boys! (picture of mom with her sons)
  4. Mud puddles, (need I explain?)
  5. torn blue jeans…
  6. toads, whistles and worms.
  7. The furred
  8. and feathered
  9. and whatever squirms.
  10. Black knuckles, bats, arrows (baseball picture of each boy)
  11. and thundering noise. (boy shooting cap gun, boy screaming/haircut)
  12. They’re all in a day (individual picture of each boy as baby with mom)
  13. (picture of mom with boys)
  14. (more baby/mom pictures)
  15. for the mothers of boys. (big brother/baby brother picture and mom with grown boys)
  16. But, ah, ’tis a dear joy (happy picture, big smiles…)
  17. to turn the blue eyes (I wrote “brown eyes…”)
  18. to the manifold wonder of earth…(picture of boys in woods)
  19. …sea…(picture of boys at beach/ocean)
  20. and skies. (picture of boys on mountain with lots of sky background)
  21. And, ah, ’tis a dear joy
  22. to watch a small hand seize (early elementary school picture)
  23. the hand of God (picture of each boy speaking in church)
  24. in the knowledge of these. (picture of each boy’s baptism)
  25. (picture of boys in Christmas program at church)
  26. Spare me oh High One
  27. to praise Thee more when
  28. This mother of boys (pictures of boys during childhood and adolescence)
  29. is the mother of men.
  30. (boys senior pictures from high school)

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