Are you looking scrapbooking for themes / ideas?


“Where do I start?” is the most common question I get from new scrap bookers. The first thing is I ask them is what they want to scrapbook? Find your themes. Once this is done, you can sort your pictures and decide which one will make the album and which one will stay in the sorting book. Remember, not all pictures are scrapbook pictures. Keep in mind that your goal is to scrapbook the highlights and special moments and why you chose them.

As a Creative Memoires Consultant I see many scrapbooks and the most popular themes are:

  • Baby /First years/ children:
    This theme speaks for itself. These albums will feature your kids development from baby’s first year through all of his/her milestones. Document them and keep the most special moments. For some, this theme can mean starting a scrapbook from pregnancy or adoption and so on.

    • Pets:
      Who said scrapbooks are only for human family member? Most of us love our pets as family members. Why not dedicate an album to a pet whom we still have and love, lost and cherished or one of the MANY pets we as a family have (through the generations). Copies of these pictures could also be included in the family/children’s scrapbook album.
    • Travel/Family vacation:
      This theme can be either done by years like “Family vacation 2012”, or an album of its own like “Weekend at the cottage (date)”. Each trip can also be included in your generation family album.
    • Wedding/Engagement;
      one of the most important part of your life story: your wedding. This theme is an album on its own. You can make it of your own special day or as wedding gift for the bride and groom. I’ve been working on my own wedding album. Actually, my two wedding albums as I decided to create one for the wedding pictures and one for the ceremony and party.
    • Family Heritage:
      This theme is a great way to discover or rediscover your family heritage. Explore family records and find precious pictures of your ancestors and tell your family’s story. Those memories are precious and family members unfortunately won’t be around to tell those tales forever and writing them. Our Heritage Album is a great way to keep your family history alive for generations to come. For more on Heritage album see my previous posts, as I’ve been working on my own heritage album to leave for my kids.

There are many more themes out there; these are just a few of the most common that I have seen in no particular order. I have seen and helped many of my clients start out with these themes. I hope to help you as well. If you’re looking for more theme and ideas see your Creative Memories Idea Books.

Happy Scrapping!!!


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