Lesson 01-Why We Scrapbook and how to Get Started

1ère Leçon – version française

The best thing about Scrapbooking is the story. A good scrapbook page tells a story. For us, this is the heart of scrapbooking; it’s storytelling at the most precious and personal level. In each personified scrapbook page is a celebration of your life, a special moment or memory captured that is above all, unique to you and your family. In other words it’s organizing moments from your past so that they have meaning for generations to come. Basically, you are preserving yesterday for tomorrow.

Here at Creative Memories, our mission is to help you define what scrapbooking is for you, by showing you what it is for me and others. By teaching you the importance of preserving the past, enriching the present and inspiring hope for the future, we hope that you will find your own purpose and style. For each part of scrapbooking, I will introduce you to good products, tools and services to help you tell your story.

Get Started with Scrapbooking, here are 5 useful tips;

Let’s start with this. There’s absolutely no reason to be overwhelmed or intimidated when you start scrapbooking. Read and keep those 5 easy tips in mind, and you’ll be on your way to preserving your priceless memories.

  1. Define what a “scrapbook” is to you: Creating a scrapbook doesn’t have to take lot of time and it doesn’t have to be a ‘work of art’ either. Whenever you add journaling to your pictures, share the story of the moment of your life, you’re scrapbooking.
  2. Don’t think you have to do something with ALL the pictures you take: Thinking like that will overwhelm you, and is unrealistic, plus no one expects you to do so. Remember the most important photos are the ones that have special memories attached to it. That is the most authentic way to approach it. So once you have a memory in mind, go with that, find the pictures of that moment and start with that.
  3. Start small: Starting with a big project will leave you overwhelmed. Bigger is not always better. Choose a smaller or easier Album, (like 8×8 format or Picfolios) something that won’t involve hours work and of creativity or loads of equipment to start with; the perspective is to have fun. If you prefer digital there are easy ways to start as well. Download our free 30 day Storybook Creator trial and the free digital Artwork and see how easier working with predesigned pages is.
  4. Relationships and personality are things to focus on: What matters most to you, like most people is the ones we love. Make the most of them, taking print of everyday things ea. your love ones laughing, playing, working and interacting together… those are the memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.
  5. Find communities of scrapbooking for inspiration and support: make a fun scrapbooking party with friends and family, contact me for more information. Visit great scrapbooking sites to get support and make new friends… for great products visit Creative Memories and here are some great site to visit:

Have fun scrapbooking!!!!


Lesson 02 – Creating your own Layouts


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