Choosing the right color for your scrapbooking pages

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When it comes to choosing the right color for your scrapbooking project, the choice will always be yours and yours alone. However, there are some good tips and trends that just might influence you on your choices. Some like to create their own signature like using their favourite color. What it comes down to it’s that the prerogative is yours. Do what you like and what makes you smile. On the other hand, if you’re looking for assistance, understanding a bit about the way colors complement each other and creating harmony in certain combinations, I can certainly help you make your scrapbooking project magical.

When creating your scrapbooking pages, the first step is choosing a base color for your page. This gives you a sense of balance and connectedness. So, let’s start by giving you tips that might help you get started;

Style Trends – Look at the yearly trends from when your project photos are taken. If you’re looking at photos from last year (2011) you might consider looking at neutrals and restrained colors with a bit of eclectic ethnic, mixes and mash style patterns and for shadowy dark colors, perky reds and pinks and earthy colors. You can add stripes /polka dots combinations and Paisleys with geometric circles. But, if you’re looking at photos form the 1960-70 well you might want to look at more retro patterns and colors. One way to be fashionable is to choose a patterned paper, featuring one of these two colors and then draw out the matching solids for your own scrapbook.

Favourites Colors – Another way to go is going with your favourite color or choosing the favourite color of the person featured in your scrapbook page and build around it.

Holiday Colors – You might choose a color around the theme of the event featured in your pictures like greens/reds for Xmas or yellows/purple for Easter or black/oranges for Halloween.

Photo Selection – Another great way to go is by looking at your selected photos and see what common colors jump out at you and build on it.

Location Colors – You might consider looking at your location and their color associations; if you’re looking at the countryside you might want to use shades of green, if you looking at the ocean you might consider shades of grey-blue or for a sandy beach vacation you would look for shades of sand’s. This can tie your scrapbook together.

Color Expressions – Or choose a color that will express the personality or emotions of the people or event that’s in your project;

    • Red—bold and sassy
    • White—pure and innocent
    • Black—sad or powerful
    • Brown—stable and earthy
    • Green—young or reserved
    • Blue—sophisticated or masculine
    • Pink—delicate or feminine
    • Yellow—happy
    • Orange—energetic
    • Purple—mysterious or regal

Color Wheel – The artist’s best friend is another great tool to use. Getting familiar with a few simple rules will help you harmonise your colors like a professional. Here are a few combinations that always work well together;

    • Analogous colors sit next to each other.
    • Complementary colors are directly opposite and contrasting.
    • Splitcomplimentary colors are the two colors on either side of a complement and its opposite.
    • Triadic colors are any three equally spaced around the color wheel.
    • Monochromatic color is one color with black or white added to create different shades of tints. Just move in or out from the center of one color.

Once your base color is decided, you can use the above technique to add more color choices to your project. Keep in mind there are no perfect color schemes. More than one could work with your project, experiment and have fun. This is really what scrapbooking is all about.


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