Meanings for colors

version française

YELLOW: Creative, or Spring! In Paler shades — light and airy, floaty and delicate.

Positive—Caution, brightness, joy, intelligence, organization, childlike, innocence

Negative—Critical, lazy, cynical, cowardly, fearful, unstable and annoying

ORANGE: Energetic, Vibrant, Sunny, Tropical, Spicy, Engaging, Sporty, Happy

Positive—Steadfast, courageous, confidant, friendly, cheerful, warm, exciting,

Negative—Ignorance, inferiority, sluggish, superiority

BLUE: Comfortable, spiritual, aristocratic, intellectual, loyal, and trustworthy(true blue?) or even somewhat businesslike when the cooler shades of it are used. Summer—think pools and beaches with the ocean! Masculine—the old Blue for Boys thing(which can be a negative or a positive depending on how you look at it).

Positive—Tranquil, loving, accepting, patience, understanding, cooperative

Negative—Fearful, cold, passive and depressed (feeling blue?), gloomy, moody

GREEN: Responsive, relaxing, –depending on the shade it can also be velvety and shimmery

Positive—Money, food, natural, healthy, fresh, growth, soothing, sharing, hopeful,

Negative—Greed, envy, guilt, disorderly, jealous(green eyed monster?), constricting Nauseating and Inexperienced.

PURPLE: Light-hearted. It can become almost dollish when the hue goes to the pinker Shades of it. Brave (As in a purple heart!), Noble, Ambitious or Luxurious.

Positive—Royal, religious, sophisticated—Easter! Powerful and reflective yet

Negative—bruised or foreboding, mysterious. Moody

WHITE: It symbolizes purity and innocence. White creates a refreshing, clean, cool feeling. When used with other colors, it gives the match a sense of being clean, and crisp.

Positive—Easy, Fresh, Pure, Clean and Good

Negative—Cold, distant, bland, winter, blinding, sterile

BLACK: It symbolizes power and formality. It compliments any of the other colors, and tends to brighten whatever color it is matched with.

Positive—Dramatic, Classy, serious, committed. Formal

Negative—Evil or Bad, coldness, death, ignorant, terror and secretive

RED: It’s a love hate color! Sometimes it Love and sometimes its Hate! Kind of even on the Negative and Positive in that area

Positive–Strong, Passionate, Brave, Sexy,

Negative—Danger, Aggression, Domineering, Bawdy, and Rage

BROWN: It symbolizes wood and earth. Brown has an organic feel and can make things look worn and comfortable. It also stands for strength and credibility. Browns are also a great for heritage.

Positive—Earthy, Mature, Warmth

Negative—sad, dirty, cheap

TURQUOISE: is the color of communication, self awareness and initiative.

Positive—Spiritual, Healing, Protection, Sophisticated


SILVER: represents wealth because the metal silver is valuable

Positive—Glamorous, Sleek, High Tech, Graceful

Negative—Insincere, Dreamer

PINK: Feminine (again the Pink for Girls thing but again it can be a positive or negative Depending on how it’s used)

Positive—Happy, Healthy, Sweet, Playful, Compassionate, Clean, Fresh, Bright

Negative—Immature, weak

GOLD: gold symbolizes wealth used wisely, but it is also the symbol of good health. People who favour the color gold are optimistic.

Positive—Wealth, Value, Prosperous, Traditional

Negative—Greed or Dreamy ( hmmm negative or positive on the later?)


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