Embellishment Duos Explained

We’ve heard that lots of folks have been wondering just what in the world these fun little things called Digtal Embellishment Duos are, so I was uber excited to be able to play with them while creating a little mini tutorial for you. Oh, and to show you how completely cool they are in the process. 🙂

Here’s a brief definition: Digital Embellishment Duos are digital illustrations or designs that are created in pairs – pairs that perfectly complement each other. The purpose of them is to create super fun, dimensional & colorful mini works of art to include in your projects by layering the two parts of each design on top of each other.

To help explain them a bit better, I took a few screen shots as I created a design using a design pair from the star patterned embellishments:

In step 1, I added the first layer of the design to my project.


In Step 2, I filled in the first layer with a color:

In Step 3, WITHOUT MOVING OR RESIZING THE FIRST LAYER, I added the second layer of the design of my project (note: it’s best to add both layers to your page, then group them together to move & resize them together if you plan to use them as they were intended – stacked together):


In Step 4, if you wish to color the second layer, fill it in with the color (or gradient) of your choice:


There we have it – a brief “how to” in using Digital Embellishment Duos. To create other super fun looks and designs, play around with filters and gradients for fun effects like these:

PinkYellowImage WhiteBackImage


Currently there are three sets available (Flower, Simple and Star), with plenty more on the way. Watch for them coming soon, and enjoy!


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