Corner Maker Popsicle Project Idea

Cheerful Tone-on-Tone Paper
White Cardstock
Brown Cardstock
Tag Maker
All-Purpose Scissors
7-Inch Trimmer (once named Personal Trimmer)
Scallop Circle Maker
Sweet Heart Maker ( to replace Friendship Micro Maker)
Black Dual-Tip Pen
How to Create:
Using the Personal Trimmer, cut a 2-3/4” x 2-3/4” square from White Cardstock and a 3” x 3” square from light green paper. Adhere layered for the base.

Using the Tag Maker, punch a tag from purple paper. Using the All-Purpose Scissors, trim away top of tag and trim a curve out of the bottom of tag to make the bottom of popsicle.
Using the Scallop Circle Maker, take a “bite” out of corner of the popsicle.

Using a Fine-tip Black Pen, doodle around the popsicle for outlining.

Cut two popsicle 3/8” x 1-1/2” sticks out of Brown Cardstock. Adhere to popsicle.

Adhere the whole popsicle to the base of project.

Instead of using the Friendship Micro Make, use the middle part of the sweet heart make to punch a purple heart, cut in half, doodle around edges and adhere to base of project to resemble drips

Finished Size: 3 x 4″

Project Designed by: Chrissy Wood


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