Basic accessories

Version Française


Why? If you’re looking to make accurate and symmetric layout designs, don’t underestimate this time saving tool of precision. Rulers help you measure accurately and help you make clean, straight lines when you need one.

What works:  Any ruler will do. You might consider having 2 as they are not very expensive and is good for big projects or one smaller project.  You might want to consider a ruler that has a centering feature and holes for stitch placement. A centering ruler has the traditional 1”to 12” marks but also has a “0” mark at the 6” point of the ruler which provides fast and efficient centering of your projects. Rulers are included in our cutting mat system or/and trimmer, but one more could be handy just in case you misplace the first one.

Pencil and white plastic eraser  

Why? Pencils are useful for pre-journaling, as it is easily removed with a white plastic eraser once the ink dries up. A white plastic eraser’s non-abrasive material will remove lead pencil, some coloured pencil, and chalk from your projects without affecting the rest of your artwork.

What works: Make sure you’re using a light pencil and not a grassy art pencil. Both the block and pen-style erasers work.  The barrel of the pen-style version keeps the majority of the eraser clean.

Specialty and decorative-edged scissors

Why? If you’re looking to make more design patterns on your pages, a straight paper edge can be softened or more clearly defined when cut with a decorative scissor or paper edger.  These tools are not to be used on photos. It’s generally not a good idea when it comes to design and photo integrity.  Instead, incorporate the decorative edges into your photo mats, borders and other embellishments.

What works: Deckle-edged scissors are ideal for heirloom layouts because of the vintage look and can be purchase anywhere. Our paper edger will rough up the edges of your paper or cardstock. Simply run the tool along the edge of your paper to create your desired effect, it has 5 roughing edges. Edges can be cut to work with specific themes or feelings within layouts.

Computer, Scanner and Printer

Why? Having a computer in this day an age is almost a must. As most cameras are now digital cameras, with a computer you will be able to store digital photo files, print titles and journaling or do digital scrapbooking. You might also want to scan your traditional layouts to share on the web. Please feel free to share them on my facebook page.

What works: Whatever equipment works with your budget and lifestyle. If you’re looking into digital scrapbooking, look at our Storybook Creator 4.0, with your computer you could scan for scrapbooking forms to help you get your creative juice flowing.


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