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What you really need to get started: an album, pages and pages protectors, paper (coloured or patterned) and adhesives is all you need and of coarse photos.


Why? An album allows you to safely store all of your completed layouts.

What works:  we have 4 size albums at Creative Memoires 8×8 albums, 8.5” x 11” albums, 12” x 12” albums and 12”x15”. This last one is ideal to display photos and memorabilia. We also have Picfolios which have smaller and mini-albums; 2”x3”, 4”x6”, 13”x9”, 12”x12” and 11”x14”.  Popular album binding options are:

  • 2 straps album: album features: Photo safe printed and foiled design on front cover, durable leatherette cover, debossed Creative Memories logo on back cover, expandable, packaging insert with album assembly instructions, lays flat, limited lifetime guarantee, persona imprinting available for spine only. Available in 8×8, 8.5 x11, 12×12 and 12×15.
  • PicFolio Album: 2 types Picfolio and Expandable Picfolio; Picfolio features: A durable, matte-leathered cover material, stain-resistant canvas inside liners, pages that are tested for durability and tear-resistant, the Creative Memories logo debossed on the back cover, a bookplate (inserted into a sleeve on the first page) to label the album’s theme or year, a bank wrap with page layout ideas, photo-safe and available in 2”x3”, 4”x6” and 11”x14”. Expandable picfolio features: Expandable, durable, matte, leather-look cover material, canvas, stain-resistant liner in tan, tan cover holders and straps, the Creative Memories logo debossed on the back cover, assembly instructions, multi-pocket or large-pocket pages (sold separately), not compatible with Persona® Imprinting, photo-safe. Some have 4×6 photo window on front cover and is also available in 13”x9”, 12”x12” and 11”x14”.
  • Simply Said Books: A small gesture can go a long way. Simply Said Books lets you show loved ones, family members, friends and all the special people in your life, how much you truly care. Add a few photos and some personal thoughts and you’ll have a meaningful gift in under an hour! Check out the inside pages of Nancy O’Dell’s Love Simply Said Book featured to the right.
  • Or make your own with scrapbooking paper see my blog traditional project like the 2012 Reflections Journal Project Idea

 Note: All our albums have a Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Pages and Page Protectors

Why? Some companies use only cardstock to put their layouts on but we decided to go a step further to help you secure your photo with our reinforced edges so they will not bend and damage your photos. Page protectors shield your layouts from everyday wear and tear while holding them securely in an album.

What works: All our pages and pages protectors are acid-free, lignin-free, buffered, reinforced edges(pages) and designed specifically for use in Creative Memories expandable albums or coversets (comes with 15 pages). These can be purchased in 8”x8”, 8.5”x11”, 12”x12” and 12”x15”; each pack contains 15 sheets, each album can hold about 2-3 page pack.

As for our Picfolio, they come with 16 sheets/32 pages; the 11”x14” will hold 160 4”x6” photos. As for the expandable Picfolio which pages are sold separately, each pack of pages contains 15 pages and each Expandable Picfolio can contain 2-3 pack.

(lightweight paper with solid printed color or patterns and/or shapes)

Why? Coloured and patterned papers add more color, movement and theme support to your layouts.

What works:  As long as the paper is acid-free and lignin-free, anything that suits your style will work. . If you’re using colour paper there is no problem, but if you decide on using patterned paper for your entire background make sure you’re using a subtle pattern so it will not overpower your photo and memorabilia. If you use bright and bold patterns or use decoration like layered strips, photo mats or borders, then your pattern paper will not be the focal point of your layout but your photos will. If you decided on using cardstocks remember that cardstocks usually have a white core that was covered with ink at the time of printing. This cardstock, when torn, has the white core showing though at the tear line. This torn edge adds another layer of contrast and definition to a layout or card. Creative Memories are the specialists of scrapbooking and of course paper. We have Addition kits and power palettes that are coordinated with paper lines.  These kits can include patterned and solid paper, sticker alphabets, ribbons, buttons, flower or frames, each product in the kits can be bought separately as well.



Why? When properly used, adhesives hold everything in place for a very long time.

What works: Our adhesives; we have famous tape runners with it’s ergonomically design for comfort and provides quick, smooth application. The transparent color allows you to easily see when the drop-in refill cartridge needs replacing. Use this item to mount photographs and scrapbooking paper so you can breeze through your albums and projects. Photo safe, double-sided, permanent, pre-cut segments to apply desired amount, latex-free refillable dispenser, will mount approximately 200 photos and has an advancing wheel allowing precise application.

We have for smaller pieces the precision point adhesive tool. Easily apply the tiniest bit of adhesive to the most intricate embellishment. This is the must-have, no-mess tool for scrapbookers.

If you’re looking for an adhesive, make sure it’s acid-free and linen-free, nontoxic, and free of strong odours. Remember to read product labels to ensure they’re photo safe. It isn’t generally necessary to coat the entire back side of anything you glue to a layout. With our pre-cut adhesive not need to worry about cutting or using to much, simply put about 2 little strips on each corner of your picture and on in the middle and it will do the trick.

Heirloom photo, remember in lesson 2 we suggested that you make a copy of your heirloom photo but if you decide that you want to put them in albums remember to never put adhesive on the back of an original heirloom photo or snapshot. If you decide to remove the photo for what ever reason it will be difficult and could damage your photo, once glued to a layout use our photo mounting corners. Like I said in lesson 2 the best way to preserve those heirloom and one-of-a–kind photographs is by scanning them and using copies for scrapbooking and keeping them safe in power sorting boxes.


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