Fun Tools

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If you’re looking to make more elaborated project, those tools will come in handy. I’m not telling to go out and buy all those tools but talk to your Creative Memoire consultant on ways to earn free products or set up a workshop party.

Trimmer (Photo and Paper Cutter)

Why? All good painters need a paintbrush to paint, scrapbooking need trimmers to help make more elaborated project. While making your project, you will be using paper to create your projects. The 12-inch Rotary Trimmer will prove useful as well as the 7-inch trimmer for cutting photos.

What works:  What to look for in a trimmer: it has to be precise and easy to use. Remember not all paper cutters are the same. As all good things, pricier Trimmer means more quality and you will probably be happier with them because they are enduring, exact, and easy to use.  At Creative Memories we have two types of trimmers:

  1. 7-Inch Trimmer is the optimal tool to crop photographs with great precision. It features a top-mounted cutting mat that can be removed to access a storage drawer underneath. The stainless steel blade that makes up to 50,000 cuts makes this a great tool for cropping on the go.
  1. 12-inch Rotary Trimmer; this versatile trimmer cuts cardstock, printed paper and vellum. Includes an expandable 12-inch ruler, rotary blade and a built-in measuring grid. A self-healing cutting mat sits beneath the blade offering one of the most precise cuts on the market! See all the different cuts it can make with all its changeable blade; Rotary Blade.

CCS Custom Cutting System (Cutting mat and blade)

Why? Use our award-winning custom cutting system mat and blades to crop photos and 12 x 12 or smaller scrapbook papers into a variety of shapes using our exclusive cutting patterns. The self-healing cutting mat provides a safe, skid-free surface.

What works:  There are other high performance mats on the market as well, but our CCSystem includes self-healing mat (12.25” x 12.25”) and 3 blades (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green). The blades rotate around patterns for ergonomically friendly cuts plus we have replacement blades available and cutting patterns (in different shapes and size) available separately.

Corner cutter and Shape Makers (Punch)                                      

Why? Corner Cutter: Create perfectly rounded corners on photos and photo mounting paper with a quick and easy cut. It conveniently catches trimmed paper or photo scraps inside. Shape makers (Punch) sets you up to create shapes quickly. The Makers are perfect for creating quick enhancements for page titles, borders and more.

What works:  Looking to make your picture older fashioned? The corner rounder is a great touch. It rounds the edges of your photo to give them that old fashion look. Great for making your copy of your old heirloom photo look authentic.

A standard punch from an office-supply store or dollars store works fine. Later, you may want to purchase a tool or tools that punch different shapes and a little bigger, see variation of shape maker and punches to help create your own embellishments.

Those are the 3 primaries tools Creative Memoires has. For a lot more tools you can use visit out tool section to see our Border Maker, Creative Cuts Collection(wsl) and more.


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