Lesson 03-Essential Scrapbook Supplies

Version Française

When you’re first going shopping for your own tools and supplies, looking at all that is in a scrapbooking store or scrap space can be overwhelming. Even if all scrapbooking tools look fun, they are not all necessarily right for you especially when you’re beginning. This 3rd lesson is about teaching you what you really need to get started, what you will need to enjoy scrapbooking and use and finally to not waste money on things that you will not use.

I’ve put together 5 lists to help your shop,

1st Essential supplies: what you really need to get started;

2nd Basic accessories: those can usually be found around the house;

3rd Useful tools: those are the basic tools of scrapbooking; while not necessary to start they are the ones that you will use over and over;

4th Fun Tools: those are tools for more advanced scrapbooking. They are fun and can be very useful. I would suggest before buying them that you try them out. A good way to do so is to book a scrapbooking party;

5th: Organizer: Organizing is an essential part of life and so is scrapbooking. We suggest that you invest in good organizing tools; you should not leave your photos and paper lying around as they could get damaged.

Remember you don’t have to buy all the tools at once. For great ways to get started in scrapbooking contact me or a Creative Memories consultant near you and ask about all the perks that comes with hosting your own Creative Memories Scrapbooking Party. Plus get the chance to see all of our products and try them out for free. For more information on each tool, please contact me and visit our YouTube Product Demos & How To.


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