Organizing Supplies

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Organization Containers

Why? Every scrapbooker needs storage, whether you scrapbook from a tote or want to set up a room, you’ll need to storage and organizing or tools, paper…

What works: I will show you what you need to get all your scrapbooking materials organized from what you need for your pictures, papers and tools.


Power Sort box

Why? Use the decorative Power® Sort to help you safely store, organize and transport up to 1,200 photos. The inside cover storage sleeve allows you to safely hold flat memorabilia or even panoramic photos. Six divided compartment boxes and dividers allow you to sort to your heart’s desire − by big events, family members, chronologically and more.

What works: If you don’t have enough room to bring your entire power sort to your next big scrapbooking event, use one or both compartment covers paired with the compartment boxes, which allows you to transport up to 400 photos.

File Mate

Why? Use file mate to help you safely store, organize and transport larger photos, memorabilia, paper, stickers and scrapbook pages. Thirteen divided compartment allows you to sort by color, theme and more.

What works: See our 12×12 daisy file mate; 13 compartments, hook-and-loop closure, dimensions: 13×13 inches, holds up to 6.5 pounds, ID pocket. File mate is photo-safe, good for bigger photos and memorabilia but also paper and much more. Our 4×6: 7 compartments, hook-and-loop closure, dimension 7.5×5.5 inches, holds up to 1 pound or 175 photos, ID pocket; file mate is photo-safe


Case and Folders-Power(wsl)

Why? Store, transport and organize the power palette components with this sturdy yet attractive organizer case and folder set. The case holds approximately 4 filled power palette organizer folders.

What works: This is a wonderful organizing tool to help organize your paper and embellishment into a project. Comes with 4 organizing folders and you can purchase additional folders (available while supplies last).

Tote and other organizer

Why? Totes are great for keeping your essential supplies together and ready for a scrapbooking party. We have also various other organizer that are very useful, see our organizer section.

What works: Most tote are approximately 18” x 5” x 15” in dimension. Good for organizing a scrapbook album, paper, some tools or a laptop, software, hard drive and power cords, has an outer zippered pocket features pen loops and interior space holds scrapbook albums as large as 12 x 15, should be stain resistant, water repellent and holds up to 15 pounds.

See our entire tote variations on my Creative Memoires website.


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