Useful Tools

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While not necessary, they to make it sometimes easier and lot more fun!

Muli-purpose tool

Why? When working, you will come across some delicate piece called the Multi-purpose tool. It will help you to punch out paper, press on stickers, remove glued object from your project and much more.

What works: The multi-purpose tool is an almost a must in scrapbooking. If you don’t have one, you can use a butter knife (while not as good, it will do the job). The pointy edge will help you punch out paper from some spaces and the flat side will help you press on stickers and help you remove glued object from your pages with no damage.


Why? Scissors allow scrapbook artists to manipulate, transform, and incorporate papers, and ribbons into their layouts.

What works:  Your trusty partner in preserving your family’s memories…it’s an essential for any scrapbook album maker. Our All-purpose scissors cuts nearly all materials: With their fine-tipped, well-made, and make very precise cuts. They are compact, sharp, precise and convenient.

Tool Kit:

Why: While not necessary, it is certainly very useful. It contains 1 precision scissors, 1 reverse tweezers, 1 multi-purpose tool, 1 dual-tip embossing tool, 1 embossing mat.

What works? The tool kit consists of five essential tools: scissors, tweezers, multi-purpose tool, embossing tool and mat, all contained in a soft-lined, compartmentalized designer box. The precision scissors are practical as they are sharp and precise for detailed cutting. Reverse tweezers are self-closing for easy use. The multi-purpose tool used to punch out paper, press on stickers and much more. Finally, the dual-tip embossing tool is used to create intricate designs along the embossing mat to use to protect surfaces.

All tools are made with stainless steel tool heads, are ergonomically constructed with cushioned, non-latex handles for comfortable grip and comes in a laminated decorative storage box (7.25 inches long by 6.125 inches wide by 1.375 inches high) for protective storage and easy transportation.

Pick-Up Square (Adhesive Removers)

Why? When you put Tape Runner adhesives or Precision Point adhesive in the wrong place on your layout the Pick-up Square is a special glue eraser that can remove most of the unwanted substance from the paper surface. Liquid removers will eliminate adhesives and sticky residue from papers, scissors and punches. 

What works: Pick-up square removes adhesive residue from the back of your photos, pages and more. It also helps remove light-leaded pencil lines from your pages.


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