Cricut delicious summer border

Cricut delicious summer border


Cheerful Tone-on-Tone Paper
White Cardstock
Black Cardstock
Cheerful Seasons Cricut Cartridge
Precision Point Adhesive

Not if you do not have the cricut the watermelon can be done like me Watermelon Embellishment idea and for the title use Black Sophisticate ABC 123 Stickers and Black Swirly ABC 123 Stickers

How to Create:
Cut White Cardstock to measure 11 ½ x 2 ½ “.

Cut red paper to measure a 12x 3”.

Adhere the white to the red.

Make your cuts:
For the sentiment “Delicious Summer”
From black cardstock cut 2 inch
cheerful font
and cheerful shapes

For the grass
From two green papers cut four (two of each color), 4 inch strips
* If you are cutting this manually you will have to press stop after you cut the grass so you don’t also cut the mower.
Adhere the grass to the white strip in two layers, starting at the far left.

For the Melons
From the light green paper cut twice, 2 inch shift
From the dark green paper cut twice, 2 inch
From the black cardstock cut twice, 2 inch layer
From the red paper cut twice, 2 inch shift, layer
Put your layers together and attach to the border with Precision Point Adhesive & foam squares
Attach the words “delicious summer” with Precision Point Adhesive

Finished Size: 12″ x 3″

Project Designed by: Rita Barakat


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