Simple fish embellishment



What you need:

any Photo Mats and journaling or if you looking to make bigger fish use any 12×12 Paper
Circle Maker or if your looking to maker a bigger fish use Circle Pattern and Mat & blades
7-inch Trimmer
Black Dual-tip pen
Precision Point Adhesive

How you make it:

Simply make 3 same size circle from either the Circle Marker or Circle Patter, 2 with patterns and 1 uni-color or 2 uni-color and 1 pattern.

Use the 2 identical circle one for the body and cut the one in haft for the tail and the second haft in half the the fins.

Use the 3 circle and using the Circle maker or patterns to make haft rounded circle part for the face of the fish as shown.

Simply glue all the pieces as shown and decorate with the black dual-tip pen.

If you want a fancy tale fish simple use the haft moon circle by using the send part of the face for a tail .

Use the smaller fish for borders and such and you can make a bigger fish to add journaling to you page.

Happy Scrapping!!!


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