Lesson 04, part 1 – Organizing your photos

Version Française

Does this sound like you? Do you have boxes and boxes of unorganized and unlabeled photos? How many times have you extensively, seemingly endlessly and often franticly searched through your house looking for the one perfect photo you need? If you recognize yourself in this, the next lesson is for you. By following some simple basic steps, I will help you get rid of all those cluttered shoe boxes of photo and replace them with easy photo safe organizers. Plus, this will save you time on all your scrapbooking projects because all your photos and memorabilia’s will be organized.

First thing you might ask is: where do I begin? Well, whether your photos are in shoes boxes, old and magnetic albums or simply stacked in an old suitcase, all sorting process begins by finding how and where you want to store your photos. Obviously you want to place them in photo album so that your family and friends can enjoy them. One easy way to store them is to use a Picfolios. This item will protect your photos and can be used for either a permanent album or storage till you scrapbook them. Another way to go is Organizer boxes; those are what I use and they are photo safe. Additionally, like we said before not all photos are scrapbooking photos, but with organizer boxes you can still keep them safe. Once you decide what you want to use, organize your photos accordingly.

These are the following common photo organization methods used in scrapbooking:

  • Chronologically
  • By Theme
  • By Person or Group
  • By Portrait
  • By Event
  • etc.

part 2 fine tuning


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