YOUR BOOK, YOUR FAITH: This chapter and the questions it contains are rooted in the Christian faith A billion people in the world share that faith. But billions more passionately follow other religions. Even within the Christian traditions there are countless variations and nuances. So while I fervently believe in my road to God and will gladly tell anyone all about it, our purpose here is not to convert you. Take these questions and shape them to fit your experience. Please don’t let the fact that the question aren’t worded to perfectly fit your faith keep you from taking this truly valuable journey!

 – Rhonda

What is faithbooking?

Faithbooking is easily one of the fastest growing themes in the album-making world, mostly because of the way that making the album becomes its own spiritual journey. And these 10 questions can serve as your road map. Basically faithbooking is a chance to create a testimony, in words and pictures, of your personal faith.

Think about the large and small miracles you’ve witnessed. Thing of the hard decisions you’ve faced. Think of the people who have helped you along the way. Personal stories like these, told simply and shared honestly from the heart, have the power to changes lives.

But if you still doubt the importance of storytelling, try opening your Bible. In Joshua 4, God tells the children of Israel to set up stone as a signpost for future generations of how he dried up the river to give them safe passage. In Exodus 16:32 He instructs them to put manna in a jar and carry it with them as a reminder of His faithfulness in providing for their needs. Recording milestone and singing praises is a good thing. (Try that one next time your kids wake up in the middle of the night and ask why you’re still up playing with your albums. “Well sweetheart, God told me to.”)

We are instructed by the Lord to remember the significant events of our lives. And yet we forget the details so easily. That’s why we need to write them down. As an old proverb reminds us, the palest ink is better than the best memory.

see 10 questions About Faithbooking


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