10 question ABOUT faithbooking


These questions will help you think about your life and how your faith has grown and developed. In this case, the questions flow more or less chronologically. As you read each question, pray, reflect and record where your thoughts take you.


**** REMEMBER***

 YOUR BOOK, YOUR FAITH: This chapter and the questions it contains are rooted in the Christian faith A billion people in the world share that faith. But billions more passionately follow other religions. Even within the Christian traditions there are countless variations and nuances. So while I fervently believe in my road to God and will gladly tell anyone all about it, our purpose here is not to convert you. Take these questions and shape them to fit your experience. Please don’t let the fact that the question aren’t worded to perfectly fit your faith keep you from taking this truly valuable journey!

– Rhonda


Question 1

What was religion/faith like in your childhood home? Was church-going part of your life? What about other faith-based events? Did anything memorable (good or bad) happen as a child/teen? How did your faith in the Lord play part in it?


Question 2

Who most influenced your beliefs? How did family affect your beliefs (parents, grandparents…)? What about teachers? Friends (including priests, pastors, youth group leaders…)?


Question 3

How did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savoir? Did you have a re-dedication of your life? What experience have you had when you felt the Lord moving you closer to Him? On the other hand, have there been moments when you’ve felt deserted?


Question 4

How did you see the Lord lending, protecting and guiding you through your dating experiences? If you are married, how did you meet your spouse? How has the Lord grown your faith through your marriage victories and struggles? Are you re-married? What happen? What significance does the Lord’s presence have in your life?


Question 5

If you are a parent, or if you interact with children on a regular basis, how has your faith been affected by them? Have you adopted a child? How did the Lord lead you in that process?


Question 6

How did you start on the path that led you to the career you are in today? How did the Lord use circumstances, people etc, to get you here? How has your faith affected the people with whom you work? Have you been on a mission trip? How did hat affect you?


Question 7

What faith lessons have you learned through adversity? Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom and, by God’s grace, you bounced back? Has the Lord “bailed you out” of a mistake?


Question 8

How have music and other forms of artistic expression influenced your faith? Do you have favourite’s songs or hymns? Perhaps you’ve been influenced by sacred dance, beautiful art, drama, Christian radio, certain music groups, etc. What happen to encourage or convict you?


Question 9

What scripture verses have been especially meaningful in your life? Do you have a favourite scripture(s)? Why is this passage meaningful? How has the Lord used His words in your life?


Question 10

How as the Lord provided for your needs or answered a specific prayer? How has He healed you or sustained you physically and emotionally?


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