Making amazing paper BOW’S!!

Looking for a great paper Bow for your greeting cards!!! Here is a great way to make some!

Best way to start is by making a template. True you don’t HAVE to, but it make’s the whole process a lot easier in the end, plus you can keep it and take  it out next time you want to make a paper bow 🙂


1. Start with a strip of cardstock. You want it to be as wide as you want you’re bow to be and twice as long.
2. Fold the cardstock strip in half, then in half again.
3. Put two marks on the cut edge of the cardstock, dividing it into thirds.
4. Draw straight lines in from your marks, about as long as they are from the edge of the paper. Then draw curved line to the edges, meeting the edge about 2/3 of the way to the fold.
5. Cut along the lines you’ve drawn through all the layers of cardstock.
6. Open to reveal your finished pattern.

7. To start making your bow, trace your pattern onto a piece of paper.
8. Cut it out.
9. Place a small piece of dimensional adhesive in the center, fold ends in and adhere. If you’re using a cardstock use the multi purpose tool to help you, to avoid holding marks.
Starting to look like a bow!!


10. Place another piece of dimensional adhesive on the front center, cut a small strip of matching paper wide enough to cover it and adhere.
Looking even more like a bow!


11. Now to make the tails. Trace the end of your bow pattern on a piece of paper that is as long as you would like your ribbon tails to be.

12. Trim and cut the end as desired. I’ve added a dovetail to mine, but you might prefer just a diagonal cut. Repeat for the second tail.
13. Adhere your tails to the back of your ribbon and voila! A perfect paper bow.


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